Stephanie Goes to Maximum Fun’s Very Very Fun Day


If you have the chance to attend a Very Very Fun Day, you should most definitely take it. Especially if that Very Very Fun Day involves live podcast shows and meeting one or more of your heroes.

I attended Max Fun’s Very Very Fun Day in Chicago at Thalia Hall in February. For those unfamiliar, Maximum Fun is a podcast network that hosts a plethora of both informative and hilarious podcasts. Some of the notable (and my favorites) include: My Brother, My Brother & Me, Judge John Hodgman, Rose Buddies, Sawbones, The Adventure Zone, The Flop House – and many, MANY more!

I arrived early afternoon and walked into the main hall to see John Hodgman wearing some sort of apparatus on his head while Ross & Carrie of Oh No Ross & Carrie used it to tingle his temples or something. After that, I headed downstairs for the Q&A with said John Hodgman. He ordered a drink next to me and tipped generously, I noticed. I was too overwhelmed to say anything and instead furiously texted my BFF Nick this information.

What followed was an extremely enjoyable hour of Hodgman answering questions from people stuffed wall to wall in a tiny galley bar. Many dad jokes and mini political references ensued. Normally, the idea of talking in front of a crowd of people fills me with dread, but I couldn’t see the crowd behind me. So, when Hodgman came back around to me, I asked a question. To the best of my recollection, our exchange went something like this:

JH: Hello, what is your name and where are you from?
Me: Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m from St. Louis but I live in Chicago.
JH: Stephanie from Missouri, huh? Well, then, SHOW ME your question! … Get it?

And then I laughed, probably got very flushed and awkward, but thanked him for retweeting the blog I wrote about his show and how much it meant to me. And then he made me plug THIS website. So, hello to anyone maybe reading this who was in that room. Anyway, I asked for any excellent novel recommendations since I was, at that moment, reading The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin based on hearing him rave about it on his show. So, he gave some suggestions: The Obelisk Gate by N.K. Jemisin (naturally), Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, Richard Stark books, and novels by Ken Liu.


After the Q&A, he was doing a signing. All I had with me, funnily enough, was The Fifth Season, so I asked if he could sign it. And also relayed a message from BFF Nick. Hodgman asked why HE wasn’t there because there are planes, trains, and automobiles to get him there. But we laughed and it was lovely.

The rest of the day, I drank a few beers, laughed A LOT, and watched the rest of the live shows: Stop Podcasting Yourself, Max Fun Free-for-All, Judge John Hodgman, and The Flop House. The Flop House boys went on around 10pm and basically live MST3K’d Superman IV, which was hilarious. And that was my Very Very Fun Day!

Hopefully you will get the chance to enjoy your own Very Very Fun Day in the near future. But in the meantime, enjoy some Max Fun podcasts and donate to the Max Fun drive. This year, I am a first-time donor since my favorite podcast (Rose Buddies) just joined the Maximum Fun network. I’ve gotten hours and hours of free content, so I’m happy to support my favorite content creators for the first time ever this year! And I get a sweet enamel pin to don.


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