Stephanie Goes to C2E2 2017


C2E2 has come and gone again. It was a little strange since only my half my crew was in attendance. And the ones whose hips I’m usually attached to were not around. But I still had a good time.

I cosplayed Syd from Legion on Saturday. I ran into the World’s Angriest Boy and a Lenny, otherwise it was light on the Legion cosplay. (I did see more people in others’ photos.) I helped Ali of The Wet Stain at her booth off and on throughout the day, hung out with friends, and browsed the exhibitors with Caitlin.

Since FitzSimmons from Agents of SHIELD were there, I would have done Daisy and got a photo with them, but it felt weird to do that without MY FitzSimmons. There will be other cons. It’s all good. Their panel was hilarious though. They teased some things about the last few episodes, talked about lots of behind-the-scenes goofiness, and ribbed each other a lot. Poor Iain got a lot of boos whenever his Agents of HYDRA persona and his relationship with Madame Hydra was brought up. I mean, I have to admit I was kind of scared to see him in real life because current Fitz is terrifying.

Sunday I tested out my Sarah Manning outfit for Orphan Black. I’ll probably do something different than the red and black tank top next time because the “official” Hot Topic one is super unflattering because it is cut really weirdly. I have her crazy hands tank top from 4.07 but I need to trim it up a bunch before I wear it. Anyway, no one really recognized my outfit. My poor trash punk clone. Cosima’s hair/glasses is much more recognizable. Plus, I have the whole DYAD lab coat. I think only OB psychos like me would really recognize some of the Sarah items I have. I’ll do the London Calling shirt next time perhaps. But my make-up was ON POINT. I loved it.

Anyhoo, I browsed Artist Alley, said hi to a couple of my favorite artists (Sara Richards!). I got a sweet Orphan Black print from an artist named Tomas Overbai. He said that he gave Tatiana Maslany the original of this piece, so now Tat and I have the same thing! Yay! (I was going to buy it regardless of that connection because it’s so cool.)

I also attended the Mike Colter panel. He’s Luke Cage and is just as attractive in real life. *fans self* I would say, right, ladies? But it was mostly dudes telling him how sexy is. The panel offered some fun insights about his relationship with Krysten Ritter and Rosario Dawson, his workout routine (ha), behind the scenes of the show (the whole acid tank thing sounds like it was insanely awful to film), and some teasing about the Defenders series.

Mike noted that Luke and Jessica are kind of along for the ride since the Defenders will mainly be dealing with the Hand. But that his and Jessica’s stories will pick right back where they left off at the end of their respective seasons. JJ season 2 is currently filming and Luke Cage season 2 is getting ready to start soon. Exciting!

That was about it for my Sunday. I missed seeing a few people but overall it was a pretty laid back con.

Time to gear up for DragonCon. If all goes according to my ridiculous plan, get ready for some Susan Crushbone action….


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  • Reply B

    Your Syd is perfect! I’d love to do a Lenny cosplay once day. I love Aubrey and she’s great in Legion!

    April 27, 2017 at 8:35 AM
    • Reply Stephanie

      Aw, thank you! I just stalked your blog and you would make a great Lenny! 😉 I fully support this. I may bring Syd to DragonCon if you go to that at all. Maybe we could take photos!

      April 27, 2017 at 8:50 AM

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