Stephanie Goes to Austin


Thanks to some divine intervention mostly likely, Caitlin, Missy, and I were able to score tickets to the live My Brother, My Brother, and Me & The Adventure Zone shows. The only catch? The shows were in Austin!

I had never been to Austin, so I was excited to head south and explore a new place. And even better, spend a few days with Grace and Adam, who I pretty much only get to see at DragonCon. Austin was basically a tour of delicious food, our two live shows, and lots of chill couch time with four cats. And that was perfect.


Our first food stop: Torchy’s Tacos. I had a delicious margarita and both a fried chicken taco and a teriyaki taco. I sometimes stop and think about these tacos… and wish I could have them again. Soooooooo good. Afterward,

Afterward, I finally got experience a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. I wish there was one in Chicago. We all saw Alien: Covenant. Spoiler alert: It was a garbage pile! But a very fun garbage pile that we laughed about for the next several days. To correct this movie travesty, we watched Alien and Aliens, especially since Caitlin and Missy had never seen them before.



Throughout the trip, we explored the different comics and gaming shops, such as Dragon’s Lair and Austin Books & Comics. We had some snow ice, mine was creamsicle flavored and very delicious. Watching them make it was mesmerizing. We went to an area full of cool shops (my favorite kind of shops are always the weird curiosities shops) and made giant Adam look at clothes in teeny, tiny shops with us. Hahaha. It was Twin Peaks premiere day that day, so I was wearing my Laura Palmer shirt and received lots of comments and excitement from fellow TP nerds.

We ate at Gourdough’s, where you get a donut with literally everything you order. Order a salad? There’s a donut on top. Also, would you like a dessert donut with your main donut meal? Great! I had fried chicken on top of a donut with maple glaze icing. Good grief. Grace ordered some sort of amazing cinnamon icing donut (I think it was the Sin-A-Bomb). That’s another thing I can’t stop thinking about. Probably the best donut in existence.



On our last day, Grace took us to Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q. We all shared a big amazing blob of moist brisket, sausage, potatoes, and creamed corn (yes, I ate creamed corn for the first time hours before I watched that part of Twin Peaks). It was so delicious. I just want to go back to Austin and eat all the foods again. As a meatatarian, I fit in nicely there.

All in all, it was an amaaaazing trip. I am so grateful to Grace and Adam for hosting us and for being able to spend actual, real time with them! For friends you mainly see at conventions, it’s a hard thing to come by. I can’t wait to go back, explore more, and hang out with friends and kitties more. And well, eat more.



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