Stephanie Cosplays Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII


Selphie Tilmitt – Final Fantasy VIII

Cons: A zillion in the past

Aside from my closet cosplay of Frida Bust-A-Groove for Halloween, this was my first actual “cosplay” that I put together when I was 14. (Good lord!) Final Fantasy VIII was the first Final Fantasy game that I successfully played and fell madly in love with.

I actually put Final Fantasy VII into my PSX first, but I got to the part in the very beginning when Cloud is blowing up the ShinRa tower and you have to get out before the clock runs out or else you blow up…Well, I got too scared and turned it off and put FFVIII in instead, ha!

I fell in love with Selphie’s hair, mainly. But her personality soon won me over. I loved her obsession with Laguna, her weird love of trains (I used to sing that damn train song…and now I ride a train almost everyday–fate?), her small pinch of insanity (“Let’s blow the place to smithereens! Tee-hee!”), and the fact that she has the most powerful attack in the game (“The End”). I also thought she would be Squall’s love interest (I forever hate Rinoa, sorry not sorry) because there is a lot of cuteness in the beginning if you choose certain responses and it seemed like Seifer/Rinoa would be a thing… But I was sorely disappointed.

  • Dress: Since this was one of my very first costumes, my grandma and I found a seamstress to make this dress. I picked out the fabric/pattern and some lady made this dress! And it somehow fit for almost 10 years.
  • Wig: My earliest version of this costume just involved my hair, but then I got a wig and spent 4 hours styling this bad boy into the crazy gravity-defying flip out style, thanks to got2B and a hairdryer. People always asked me if it was my real hair, so I take that as a job well done.
  • Boots: Just bought some brown boots from a store!
  • Nunchuks: One of my friends made these for me. Hooray!

This is probably one of my favorite costumes of all time. I miss it (and also did the Balamb Garden uniform). I hope someday my friends and I can put together a Final Fantasy VIII group again!

Now on to the photos!

Guest Starring: Walter as Zell






*Not sure who the photos are by. They are from so many cons ago. But thank you to whoever took them!

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