Stephanie Cosplays Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Natasha Romanoff – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cons: None yet!

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier on opening day with my buddy Nick in a mall in St. Louis. When we left the theater, we were clearly paranoid that HYDRA agents would be after us as we ran around the mall. And thus, our desires to do the “incognito” versions of Cap and Black Widow were born! (We’ve already done the previous versions of them. Check that out here.)

I really love Natasha’s hair in this movie. (I feel like I may be in the minority with this opinion.) So, I wanted to put this costume together for fun because sometimes you don’t really want to put on a body suit and tactical gear, but still be in costume. And I had the wedge sneakers already. They’re not exactly the same as hers, but they work.


Costume Details

Wig: Purchased, cut, parted down the middle, and straightened from Epic Cosplay. I love their wigs and how they have an enormous skin top, so I can style the part any way.

T-shirt: Dark green top from H&M.

Hoodie: Striped hoodie from Roxy.

Jacket: Borrowed from Kelsey.

Pants: Black jeans from Express. (Hers are more bluish, but none of my skinny jeans really fit the bill or they have some wacky zipper doodad on them.)

Wedge Sneakers: Old; from Target.

Hawkeye Necklace: Purchased from Etsy shop.

Thanks to Kelsey for being my photog!










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    Your cosplay is effing amazing! You look great! Which wig was it that you used? I can’t figure out the exact color I need. 🙂

    February 27, 2015 at 3:07 PM
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