Stephanie Cosplays Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect


Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect

Cons: CONvergence 2013, Wizard World Chicago 2013

Mass Effect is one is one of my all-time favorite game series. I’m a newer fan, but I instantly fell in love with the series and how you can play it a zillion times and no game is ever the same. With many friends just as passionate about the series, I knew I had to make a costume with them. My original choice was EDI, but that just seemed way too complicated (although I would still love to make her in the future). Or the Asari club queen Aria, but I didn’t want to blue myself. Hee. So, I chose another hot lady in a bodysuit: Miranda. I already loved her character and enjoyed her BFF relationship with my FemShep playthrough, but her regular costume is covered in hexagons. So, I chose the alternative outfit in black and orange.

When I decided to make this, I thought I could fix my sewing machine since I planned to make piping. Unfortunately that didn’t work too well. Soooo…the majority of this costume was slapped together with hot glue. HA. Seems totally ridiculous, but it ended up working pretty damn well. I have to re-glue it for every con, but it holds together for the few hours I can stand to wear it. The first time I wore this, it was 100 degrees at CONvergence in Minneapolis. The con was great and so were my Mass Effect counterparts. But I quickly realized just how non-breathing that bodysuit was. Whew! My gloves are also part of the bodysuit, so I need help doing just about anything. Not to mention…my shoes are 5-inch platform stilettos. Ouch. VERY ouch. I walk similar to a deer on hind legs. Not the best for killing Reapers.

My construction process was the following:

  • Bodysuit: I bought a black zentai bodysuit and had to alter the neckline since it came with a head attached.
  • Piping: I bought copper 4-way stretch vinyl and rope; made piping for the ENTIRE bodysuit just with hot glue. Pretty sure my fingers were numb to the effects after that.
  • Patches: I bought my Cerberus patches and Miranda specific patches from Pop Couture Crafts on Etsy. They were great because if you tell them you’re making a Miranda costume, they will size them down specifically for cosplay! Super nice! And very high quality. I highly recommend them!
  • Belts/Accessories: I used craft foam and covered it with matte vinyl. And all the other details were just made with leftover fabric.
  • Boots: Thigh high “Death to All Feet” boots purchased on ebay
  • Wig: Wig purchased on Amphigory.

And now onto lots of photos! Both from CONvergence and Wizard World Chicago:








Fellow Cosplayers:
Shepard: Jenn
The Illusive Man: Charles
Garrus: Tyler
Jack: Emily
Samara: Jessica
Kai Leng: Duykha

Photos by: Janie Marie, Photosynthentique, Nick

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