Stephanie Cosplays Jill Valentine from Resident Evil


Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

-STARS Jill, BSAA Jill, Possessed Jill-

Cons: So many cons!

Jill Valentine is my homegirl. She is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. And after doing a very closet cosplay of her outfit from Resident Evil 3 and realizing it’s hard to fight zombies in a tube top, I wanted to start making and putting together some of her other outfits. Most of these costumes are a few years old, so the photos were taken with a not-so-great digital camera. But it’s all good and fun to share, either way!

*Image heavy!

-S.T.A.R.S. Jill-

The first one I put together was her S.T.A.R.S. uniform from Resident Evil 1. This costume was mainly just putting pieces together. I found the beret and the patch on eBay. I’m pretty sure I had the shirt, pants, and boots already.

I also bought a TON of holsters since she’s packin’ heat. Let me tell you, that stuff is hard to wear and I keep choosing ladies that have a ton of them, like Black Widow. I don’t know how you can fight any kind of zombie with a thigh holster weighing you down, but I digress.

The only pieces completely made were the shoulder armor/pads/things. But they were very simply put together at the last minute with some foam and hot glue. A little janky, but it worked. Voila!


-BSAA Jill-

While playing through tons of Resident Evil games with my roommate at the time, Missy, she decided she wanted to make Claire Redfield. I wanted something to match her. So, I put together BSAA Jill since I had all those holsters and just had to buy a hat/hoodie/boots. We did a little photoshoot together at ACEN (2010/11? Who knows!) and had a good time.

Also, while wearing this costume, we unknowingly met our future awesome con friends, who were dressed as Chris (Nick), Wesker (Kevin), and Barry (Dale)! Yay!


-Possessed Jill-

Missy helped me out with this one and also wore her Claire with me. I think, aside from my love of Jill and the fact that she was now evilish, I chose to do this costume because I was going through a phase where I didn’t want to wear wigs. So, lots of blond ladies happened!

I bought a turtleneck leotard and matching leggings and put together all the little details. Not quite as many as the actual version, but meh.

Missy cast the awesome possession device on my chest. And I think it looks a million times cooler and creepier than the movie version,which looks very mechanical. She also helped me make crazy boot covers, which I remember being kind of nightmare to deal with. But we made it all work.

I also went the dark blue route with this costume, even though it seems purple in the promo pictures. But Jill always has a blue theme and it looked very blue in the game.

I had a lot of fun in this costume. It’s always fun to be a badass zombie hunter with a gun. And I forever enjoy the “Jill Sandwich” jokes.


And bonus ridiculous pictures:

This is literally what you have to do in the game to free Jill from possession. Bonus Nick as Chris Redfield!

Chainsaw dudes are my worst nightmare in RE5. Eeeek!

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