Stephanie Cosplays Inara Serra from Firefly


Inara Serra – Firefly, Serenity

Cons: C2E2 2013, Wizard World Chicago 2013

If you’ve never seen Firefly, you need to rectify that immediately! It’s a space western by creative genius Joss Whedon and it is one of my all time favorite shows (and movie!). So, naturally, my friends and I just had to do costumes from it. I chose to cosplay Inara because most of her costumes are just gorgeous but, unfortunately, way beyond my skill level. So, when choosing one of her costumes, I chose the above from Serenity, which she wore in several scenes. It also seemed the most comfortable choice!

Thankfully there are a ton of great references for this costume since it’s hard to see it in the actual movie, no matter how many screencaps I took.

I bought half and made half for this. I bought a jersey knit black jumpsuit from eBay, gold gladiator sandals from eBay, dangly earrings for $2 from a local boutique, and I bought my wig from Arda Wigs. I bought gold brocade fabric for the wrap and dark blue brocade for the obi. This costume had very light construction. I just measured out the length and hemmed everything. The obi snaps together in the back, and I also have a matching dark blue cord that ties around it. I had trouble finding a necklace that matched hers, so my lovely friend Dawn, aka  the craftiest human on the planet, just whipped together an exact replica the next day. Insane.

My main struggle while wearing this costume was keeping the obi from bunching and making sure the wrap was laying right. Much harder than you would think, but the fabric was so slick. Also, the first time I wore this, I made my wig WAY too tight because it was heavy and Arda wigs are generally for people with larger heads. So when I took my wig off at the end of the night, the indent at the top of my forehead looked as though someone had tried to scalp me, but was interrupted halfway through. It was SO painful! I ended up having an actual cut/scar across my forehead for the next several months. The next time I wore this wig, I didn’t have the same problem because I didn’t make it quite as tight, so phew.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Malcolm Reynolds: Nick; Zoe Washburne: Ali; River Tam: Missy
Photos: Josh

And bonus: Nick and I met Morena Baccarin at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con this past August. She was SO impressed with my costume. She made me spin around so she could get a better look at it and couldn’t believe the level of detail. She recognized all the pieces, down to the specific jewelry. It was the best compliment I could receive! Thank you, Morena!

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