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Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

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I tried very hard to play Bioshock Infinite and not give into cosplaying. But as soon as I saw Elizabeth and her very Belle-esque outfit, I was sold. Woops! I’ve always wanted to cosplay Belle from Beauty & the Beast, so this was a welcome alternative. As soon as I started googling for the accessories, I was like, welp, guess I’m doing this! This was probably the easiest and quickest I’ve ever put together a costume.

Check out my corset version of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite!

Top: I bought a button-down shirt from Express (boy, I wish I’d bought two because it is nearly impossible to find a button-down shirt that is not a V-neck!). And then I made a pattern of the collar and cuffs. I used blue fabric and then yellow-gold bias tape for the trim. My sewing machine, which is a temperamental piece of crap, decided it didn’t want to sew through the bias tape/fabric/collar, so that was the only last minute part I did for this.

Skirt: I knew I didn’t have the skill to make this with its funky side pleating on the fly, so I commissioned this skirt from an Etsy seller. I wish I had made it myself though because I’m not a huge fan of the fabric used. It’s very slick and thin (and not all that flattering for my hips/booty). I would have chosen a thick cotton or broadcloth. And it’s not quite as flowy as I would have liked. But it works and looks pretty in photos, so it’s all good.

Tights: I bought some grey ankle tights from Express.

Boots: I searched high and low for some boots that would work. I see a lot of Liz’s use black or brown, but they look like more of a grey to me in the references. I found some on eBay that had sort of an old-timey look to them. At least in my opinion.

Wig: I bought the Eowyn in Mahogany from Arda wigs. I styled it myself. (I may do a styling tutorial on this if anyone is interested… I took photos along the way, just in case.)

Accessories: I bought the choker and bird pin from an etsy seller. You can get the same one here! And, of course, I bought the smallest thimble I could find for my pinky, which is still too big for my freakishly small hands. I also made the tie/scarf, which was quite the trial and error. I think I made three in all.

While this costume was mainly just piecing various things together and altering a top, I think it’s fun and pretty comfy to wear. And yelling, “Booker, catch!” is also way too fun. I hope to do a Burial at Sea version of Elizabeth very soon…if I can ever find a button-down shirt to alter! (Yeah, I could just make it myself, but I’m lazy…) I have all the other fabric and such to make it, so….soon!

Meanwhile, I might just start making this Liz costume gradually more beat-up/bloody for every con I go to. And change my accessory from my book to a pair of scissors. 😉

Onto the photos!

Thanks to Cosplay4UsAll for doing a photoshoot with me. The Indianapolis capitol building just had such a Columbia vibe! Especially with the George Washington statues! Eek Patriot!

Thanks for looking!

For more photos of this costume with lots of other Bioshockies, check out my C2E2 recap!

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