Stephanie Cosplays Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite


Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Cons: Indiana Comic Con 2015


Since I’ve already cosplayed young Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, I felt like I needed to do another version of her. For some crazy reason.

Costume details:

Corset: I started with a base white corset that I got on eBay. And since the boning was in line with the lines on the corset in her design, I used that as my guide. I sewed strips of black bias tape all around it. Since this was a cheap corset, the boning was not metal, so it was somewhat easy to sew it. SOMEWHAT. Still a bit of a pain overall.

Bolero: I bought royal blue velvet from and followed a bolero pattern. I made my own sleeve cuff pattern, which took a few tries to get them the right length folded back. The collar miraculously stays up somehow.

Skirt: I used a simple circle skirt pattern. Okay, actually, Josh patterned this out for me because math. Math and I do not get along, haha. But I put it together and all was well. I ended up not using a zipper since the fabric was quite stretchy, so it’s super comfy.

Hoop Skirt: I knew that the velvet might make my skirt feel a little limp, despite it being a flowy circle skirt. So, I decided to get a hoop skirt to really accentuate the design. I got mine from Amazon.

Choker: Etsy purchase.

Wig: eBay find

Shoes: I used the same shoes as in my young Elizabeth costume. I found them on Ebay and love the old timey look to them.

Skyhook: This was an awesome Christmas gift. I believe my dad got it from ThinkGeek. Anyhoo, I need to mount this sucker on my wall soon because it’s so cool and detailed.

Onto the photos, taken by Cosplay4UsAll. Booker is my lovely friend Nora. She also did the photo edit in the first photo. We are probably the shortest Booker/Liz duo ever.










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