Stephanie Cosplays Cosima Neihaus from Orphan Black


Cosima Neihaus – Orphan Black

Convention: DragonCon 2015

It is hard to choose between my clones, but I really love Cosima’s style. And I’m a nerd who got her glasses to wear as my regular, everyday frames. Eventually, I want to do all the clones and photoshop myself in a photo as all of them, haha, but Cosima’s wig was such a fun challenge to conquer for me. Wigs are the only thing I’m ever truly confident in (I am no magical seamstress or armor maker–not at all!), so I wanted to see if I could make it. Turned out, I was making it too complicated on myself. See below. But the best part of this costume was just the enthusiasm I received while wearing it and getting to meet a bunch of awesome ladies of Clone Club. Not to mention meeting Ksenia Solo aka Shay on Orphan Black!

Costume Details:

Dress: I bought the Cosima dress from the Hot Topic Orphan Black line, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Scarf: Same as above.

Glasses: These are Cosima’s actual glasses she wears on the show. And yes, they are functional and my everyday glasses. I’m glad I got to utilize them for a cosplay! They are: Salt Optics Sylvia in Black Menagerie Orchid.

Boots: Last season’s calf-high combat boots from Target.

Tights: Tribal pattern fishnet tights from Forever 21.

Lab Coat: Just a typical lab coat from Amazon. My lovely friend Dawn embroidered the DYAD logo on because she’s the craftiest human ever.

Accessories: My nose is actually pierced as of this past July, but it was too soon to put the ring in, unfortunately. (Not for lack of trying, though. The struggle was real.) But I think the purple iridescent stud is something Cosima would wear. And all my bracelets and rings were some cheapo Cosima-style stuff I got from Forever 21.

Make-up: Because I am a crazy perfectionist when it comes to accuracy, I actually bought the same eyeliner and applicator the OB makeup artists uses: Bobbi Brown Denim Ink. The makeup artist says this color was chosen because dark blue enhances Tatiana’s brown eyes. And hey, I have brown eyes. This is now my go-to when I need something to last and last. It’s a bit pricey, but definitely long-lasting and worth it. And believe me, it took a few frustrating tries before I nailed the winged eyeliner, especially on her inner eyes. It’s one of those things where one eye looks great, but then the other doesn’t match so you gotta do it all over again! Arrrgh! But I think I did an all right job in the end.

Wig: This is one of my favorite wigs I’ve done. Originally, I had planned to use one wig, so I bought a super long black wig from Epic Cosplay with a large skin top so I could easily do the twists. (Full skin tops are the BEST! Why don’t more wig suppliers realize this!?) I soon realized that trying to make a high, heavy ponytail wig from one wig that would not slide off my head was a dumb idea. And then the Internet gave me the gift of clip-on dreadlock ponytails.

Once that was locked down, styling became obvious. I chopped the main wig to be about shoulder-length, just so it was easier to work with. Long wigs are such a tangly pain in the ass. I struggled through using various holders to keep the front twists actually twisted. Various sized clips, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. Finally, in a last-ditch effort, I bought VERY tiny black rubber ties. I sectioned off the pieces. And then sectioned those pieces into two and twisted the two pieces together, tying them off with a black rubber band. I did three or four on each side of the middle part. And because I still had some hair of the main wig to work with, I pulled that back into a low, very short ponytail. This is obscured thanks to the dreads, unless you are standing behind me.

Then, I clipped the dread onto the top of the wig to hide the black rubber bands (that already blended in very anyway) and voila! Instant Cosima transformation. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Photos of myself and the lovely Clone Club at DragonCon 2015:














Photos by: Tovio Voll, Cosplay4UsAll, and my iPhone.

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