Stephanie Cosplays: Cersei Lannister Updo Wig Tutorial


Cersei is extremely thrilled about this tutorial!

You will need:

  • Long blonde wig. I used Galadriel in Light Blonde from Arda Wigs
  • 2 mesh bun donuts snapped together in the blond color
  • got2b hairspray
  • Hairdryer
  • Bobby pins (not completely necessary, but can be helpful if you need to hold hair in a specific spot)
  • Clear plastic ponytail holders
  • Needle and matching thread

The first thing I did was separate out two long pieces at the bottom and then two long pieces in the front. The long pieces at the bottom will be used for the hanging rope twists. The ones in the front will be used for the braids wrapped around the top hair piece. I braided them to keep them tangle free and out of the way while I styled.

Next, I put the remaining hair into a ponytail in the middle of the back of the head.

I centered the roll at the bottom of the hair. The hair began under the roll and I rolled upward and forward. (Note: I had a friend wear the wig while I did this so I could get the roll centered at the top of the head. It’s hard to see on the wig head or on yourself.)

Once the hair was secure at the top, I used my fingers to fluff it outwards until it covered the roll as much as possible. It gets a bit messy at this point, but it can all be smoothed down later with hair spray. There are probably some small gaps in the hair that you can see the roll through, but that’s okay. You still have braids to wrap around it!

Once you’ve gotten the roll in the place you want it, then take your needle and thread that matches your wig color and sew the roll onto the wig! I HIGHLY recommend using an extremely long needle because I lost a needle inside of my hair roll. If I am ever suddenly in immense pain while wearing this, it’s probably because the needle decided to come back out. But for now, it seems to be lost forever!

With the hair roll completely secured to the wig by sewing, now we can wrap our front braids around the roll. I did a pretty messy set of braids initially, so you might want to redo them if you did the same. And make sure they are secured with the clear plastic ponytail holders before wrapping.

I weaved the two sets of braids around and around my roll, matching them on each side as much as possible. Once they were in the spot I liked, I sprayed and heat set them with got2b and a hairdryer on low. And I also used the hairspray and heat to smooth everything down a little more.

Once the top was all done, I focused on making the two long twists. I used this tutorial in making the twists. I secured them with clear hair ties since it looks like Cersei has absolutely nothing securing hers. Be careful of making them too long. I’ll be cutting mine in half for the next time I wear this since they were getting caught and tangled in my belt.

And voila! My lovely friend Dawn made my crown and I sewed that into my roll as well.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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