Stephanie Cosplays “Blackwater” Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones


“Blackwater” Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

Cons: C2E2 2013, CONvergence 2013

I will be (mostly) retiring this costume as of this week. My lovely friend Dawn (my Margaery) is making me one that is ten times more amazing and accurate. And I have styled an insane updo southron wig to go with it. (Wig tutorial coming soon!)

But this costume was still very special to me since I love Cersei. I find her to be one of the most fascinating and complex characters on the show. And I immediately fell in love with it due to the armor corset…and extensive wine drinking.

Dress: I bought a red Renaissance dress from eBay since I did not have confidence in my ability to make this dress from scratch. And, of course, the Simplicity pattern for this dress did not exist yet. *shakes fist*

I altered the neckline to make it a V-neck to give the illusion of a wrap dress. Then came the details. I do not know how to embroider nor do I have an embroidery machine, so my attempt to re-create the birds and other crazy embroidery details with trim was rather unsuccessful. But, eh, I made do with some cool swirly designs.

I also added the side panels. Again, lacking embroidery skillz, I ended up painting the Lannister lions on. I think they turned out really well for being paint, so there!

Armor Corset: My friend Josh, who made my Drogon for my Daenerys costume, made the corset armor for me. It is epic and amazing! That is all. Go check out his stuff.

Shoes: I found some really cute red flats with a gold metal toe.

Wig: I bought a wig from eBay and thankfully her hair is just in a side braid, so styling this wig was extremely easy.

Jewelry: I bought a Lannister lion pendant from Etsy here. And Cersei has this crazy orange rock ring. I found a ring that had a similar style and I built some sculpey around it and painted it. Turned out kind of crappy, but meh. I also bought a lion head ring just for funzies.

On to the photos! Photos by various friends.

Fellow cosplayers: Margaery: Dawn; Shae: Ali; Sansa: Nora; Jaime: Jessica

And finally, a wine selfie with my Lannister sigil glass! Thanks for looking!

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