Stephanie Cosplays Black Widow from The Avengers


Black Widow – The Avengers

Conventions: C2E2 2012

In honor of Captain America 2 releasing this week, I thought I should do a write-up of this costume. Two of my lovely friends were putting together Avengers costumes (Lady Loki and Captain America) and I was living with one of them at the time, so how could I resist ANOTHER bodysuit cosplay? Haha. (This is kind of a running joke. I either cosplay blondes or someone with a bodysuit or BOTH.)

I love Scarlett Johanssen and Black Widow is just an awesome character. She’s more than just the sexy chick in a bodysuit. She’s a super spy with epic ninja skills that just happens to help save the world sometimes.

Bodysuit: I bought a bodysuit on good ol’ eBay. Not much alteration was needed. All I did was sew some S.H.I.E.L.D. patches on the arms.

Belt: Missy sculpted the signature Black Widow belt piece for me. And we attached it to an old belt.

Gauntlets: While at Michael’s, we got the genius idea to use those mini kid markers to make the gauntlets. We took the marker part out, painted the markers black, drilled some holes into the sides, and linked them all together. Voila!

Wig: I really loved her hair in Iron Man 2 as opposed to the shorter style in Avengers, so I went that route instead. She also tends to have the longer hair in the comics, so I didn’t think it would be too painfully inaccurate.

Boots: Just used some old black knee-high boots I’ve used for a zillion other costumes.

Accessories: Thanks to my Resident Evil costumes, I have plenty of holsters for belts and legs, so I was all set for Black Widow’s weapon holsters.

On to the photos! By various people from cons…

Captain America: Nick; Lady Loki: Missy

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