Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 15


    There’s some fear in letting go.

    Nadine is proudly, confidently marching down the street with her golden shovel. She’s finally shoveled her way out of so much shit that she realizes how unfairly she’s treated Ed all these years. How she guilted him into staying with her and giving up his one true love. Granted, Ed could have broken up with her at any time but considering her suicide attempt, he wanted to stand by her.

    Oh, Ed, I want you to be free now… Don’t worry about me. Run to her. Enjoy the rest of your lives together! I am so happy just thinking of you two being happy! Ed, I love you and always will, but true love is giving the other what makes them happy. Jeez, you big lug, how beautiful is this!”

    Ed is clearly skeptical considering this happened before when she had her temporary amnesia and fell in love with Mike. But thanks to Dr. Amp and her new lease on life, she has released Ed to go live his life with Norma, who he really and truly loves after all this time. They share a tearful hug, and Ed rushes to the Double R Diner.

    Norma, everything has changed. I just spoke with Nadine. She’s given me my freedom.”

    Norma is flabbergasted and ready to respond in some way. It’s hard to tell by her expression. And unfortunately, her new beau Walter shows up. Norma apologizes to Ed and goes to sit with him in her booth. Ed resigns himself to sit at the counter, his entire being deflating before out eyes. Shelly gets him a cup of coffee but doesn’t hear his request for the cyanide tablet. At her booth, Norma tells Walter she wants him to buy her out of the diner franchise. She wants to spend more time at home with her family. She decides to keep the Double R for herself and allows Walter to buy her shares of the seven other diners. “I’m happier with just one.” He tells her she’s making a huge mistake but she doesn’t care. She’s made up her mind.

    Ed closes his eyes and realizes he’s, once again, too late again for Norma. He’s missed his chance. Again. But as the music swells, a delicate hand appears on his shoulder. Norma, smiling, spins him around and he smiles.

    Marry me.”
    “Of course I will.”

    They share a passionate kiss, pouring the decades of love they have for each other and missed chances into it. Shelly tearfully watches and represents all of us in this scene because I was crying so hard during this part. It just might be my favorite scene in Twin Peaks. It’s all I ever wanted for Norma and Ed. It’s about time they can finally be together.

    The Convenience Store

    BobCooper arrives at the Convenience Store where we know all the soot men ‘live’. One of them greets him and leads him up an outer staircase. Electricity crackles and they disappear into another dimension/reality/lodge/etc. That familiar flower print pattern lines the walls — and hopefully, you recognize it from Laura’s picture that she received from Mrs. Tremond in FWWM. BobCooper says he’s looking for Phillip Jeffries and one of the soot men pulls a switch. We see the Jumping Man for a split second! Welcome back, buddy! Also, if you look closely, Sarah Palmer’s face is also seen in this flash.

    BobCooper continues on through this house, going up another staircase where Gordon saw all the “dirty, bearded men” lined up. He then emerges outside in front of a motel. You may recognize this as the motel where Leland went to meet Teresa but found her with both Laura and Ronette, so he bolted. He goes to room number 8 and a strange woman offers to unlock the door for him.

    Inside the room, he finds a giant percolator/teapot/bell thing emitting a circular stream of steam. We’ve seen this structure outside the Purple Room and inside the White Lodge (I think it’s the same — my TV is so dark!). Welp, since unfortunately Bowie passed away before he could film his scenes, this is Philip Jeffries now. I think the guy who did his voice did an all right job matching his accent and cadence as well. It didn’t take me out of the fact that it was no longer Bowie. (But damn, how cool would it have been if it was actually him!?) But I still think this works effectively because it’s Twin Peaks and after what we’ve seen in this season already, it’s not all that far-fetched for him to be transformed into this… thing.


    You showed up at FBI headquarters and said you’d met Judy.
    So, you are Cooper?
    Phillip, why didn’t you want to talk about Judy? Who is Judy? Does Judy want something from me?
    Why don’t you ask Judy yourself? Let me write it down for ya.
    Who is Judy?
    You’ve already met Judy?
    What do you mean I’ve met Judy? Who is Judy? Who is Judy?”

    Jeffries-teapot lets out a bunch of steamy numbers — they’re the coordinates that were on Ruth Davenport’s arm. But that’s all he’ll offer. I think it’s reasonable to assume we’ve all met Judy before. It’s possible that Naido is Judy because she’s making strange monkey noises. But I also think Laura Palmer could be Judy. We don’t know what will happen when they all converge at these coordinates, but I just have a feeling that Laura is going to show up in this season as more than just the Black Lodge entity from part 2. We saw the White Lodge release that Laura orb to the world. She must be back in some capacity. Unless she’s just living inside her momma’s head and killing shitty dudes at bars.

    Another interesting theory I’ve come around to is that Judy represents Briggs. That Jeffries called him Judy because his name is Garland Briggs. Judy Garland… Garland Briggs. It could have been a codename to keep his identity secret while working on Blue Rose. There’s even a moment in season 2 where Briggs, coming back from his adventure in the woods, says “Judy Garland.” SO, it’s very possible.

    Jeffries transports BobCooper back to his car, where Richard is waiting for him. He recognizes him from pictures that his mom had — and who is his mom? Oh, yes, Audrey. Just as we all suspected. BobCooper punches and kicks him a bunch, but not enough to kill him. He invites him to get into his truck so they can have some father/son bonding time, I suspect. (If the whole awful Audrey-was-raped scenario is the real one.. and I’m becoming more convinced it is considering Audrey’s mental state.) Before he gets in, he sends a text: “Las Vegas?” Diane received this one a couple episodes ago — more evidence to this crazy out-of-order timeline.

    The convenience store then crackles and whirrs out of existence, much like the TARDIS. Continue reading

    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 14


    We are like the dreamer.

    Gordon calls the Twin Peaks sheriff station and has a cute conversation with Lucy but he’s calling to talk to Sheriff Truman — who he thinks is still Harry. But Frank tells Gordon that Harry’s in the doctor’s care, as well as what Hawk found: Laura’s missing diary pages. They indicate two Coopers. “Although I can’t comment on this information, I want you to know I really appreciate it… And all the best to you. And all the best to Harry.”

    Tammy and Albert discuss the case that began this whole thing with two field agents in Olympia, WA.

    “They arrived at a hotel to arrest a suspect named Lois Duffy. They hear a gunshot outside her room and kick the door in. They find two women inside. One on the floor dying from a bullet wound to the abdomen, the other holds a gun, which she drops as she backs away when they enter. They recognize the wounded woman as Lois Duffy. She speaks her last words to them: I’m like the blue rose. She smiles, then dies, then disappears before their eyes. The other woman screaming in the corner they now notice is also Lois Duffy. By the way, Lois Duffy did not have a twin sister. Then while awaiting trial for a murder she swore she didn’t commit, this Lois hangs herself. Those two arresting offers were Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries. Now, what’s the one question you should ask me?”

    Tammy figures it’s about the blue rose because a blue rose does not occur in nature and is not natural, nor was the dying woman natural. She was conjured. She was a tulpa. Albert is very impressed by her analysis. So, what’s a tulpa? It’s a Tibetan word for manifestation or emanation in which a being or object is created through spiritual or mystical means. (Cooper loves Tibet if you remember from season 1.) I think this falls in very nicely with the Black Lodge lore, considering Dougie is basically a tulpa that BOB created.

    Gordon and Diane join them for COFFEE TIME! Not before we have to hear the more excruciating noise of a window washer sucking real bad at his job. Thanks, David.

    They finally ask Diane more about Cooper. She doesn’t want to talk about the last night she saw Cooper. She confirms that he mentioned Major Briggs that night. Albert goes over the facts about how they thought Briggs died in a fire 25 years ago but that they actually found his decapitated body just a few days ago, along with the ring in his stomach. As a reminder, the ring is inscribed with the following: “To Dougie with love, Janey-E.”

    And then Diane throws us a real fun twisty curveball: her half-sister is named Jane — and she goes by Janey-E (Jane Evans — boom!). And she’s married to a man named Douglas Jones, who everyone calls Dougie. They live in Las Vegas. Boom! Diane hates Janey-E so they haven’t spoken in years. That seems to track with both of their personalities. But oh my god, now I desperately need a scene with them together. Not just because it’s Diane & Janey-E but Laura Dern & Naomi Watts. I wonder if Gordon & Co. will be heading to Vegas or to Twin Peaks. The FBI in Las Vegas is now on the hunt for Douglas Jones. (When that dude screamed at his assistant, I laughed so hard.)

    This reminds Gordon of another one of his Monica Belluci dreams. To which Albert sighs, “Oh boy.” I can’t blame Albert for being a crotchety old man. Dealing with Gordon, Cooper, and Jeffries’ dreams and premonitions and other shit for the last 40+ years must be taxing.

    In Gordon’s dream, he was in Paris on a case and meets Monica at a cafe. Cooper was also there but Gordon couldn’t see his face. Monica brought friends with her and everyone enjoyed some coffee until Monica said the ‘ancient phrase:’

    We’re like the dreamer, who dreams and then lives inside the dream… But who is the dreamer?”

    Gordon felt uneasy as Monica looked past Gordon. When he turned to look, he saw himself (from FWWM) in the Philadelphia office listening to Cooper who was worried about a dream he had. And then Jeffries appeared (and didn’t appear). He points at Cooper and says: Who do you think that is there?

    Albert remembers that day too. They all look a little uneasy now. This fits nicely with the theory that the Lodges transcend time and space. And that Jeffries may have already known that Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge when he came back in that timeline to meet with everyone.  Continue reading

    Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.09 “One Fettered Slave”

    Helena (Tatiana Maslany)

    “I am the original. I am the light.”

    This is our Helena-centric episode of the season. We open the story on baby Helena in her Ukranian convent. (And yes, it threw me off that this was not Cynthia, the actress who plays all the young clones, but they wanted someone who was younger than her and someone who could speak excellent Ukranian. I think this new bb clone did an excellent job.) She’s stuffing her face with chocolate in a nun’s room. And that nun happens to come into the room, assuming she has full privacy, and begins masturbating. Helena watches on in curious confusion, clearly not understanding what she’s seeing. The nun catches her snooping and punishes her severely. Sister Irina is there but powerless to stop her. They dump her head in a bucket and pour bleach all over her head. And then they lock her in a closet. “I once lived in a broom closet for four months. I do not rot.”

    Soon, Tomas comes to retrieve her and take her under his wing in that Prolethean, clone-murdering life where we originally met Helena. Most of this we already knew. He taught her some English and brainwashed her into believing there are many copies that must be killed all over the world. But what he neglected to tell her was that she was one of them. So, Helena goes to kill her first copy — and once the girl falls back into her arms, blood spurting from her mouth, she sees that the girl has the same face as her. This messes with her entire belief system.

    You are the original. They copied your body but not your soul.”

    Helena believes this and begins her mission to destroy all the evil, soulless copies. Until she meets her twin sister Sarah and well, we know that story. To relieve herself of the pain of killing her copies — and all the rest of the pain she’s suffered under Tomas’s abuse — she begins cutting herself. And that’s how she develops those angel wings. We were wondering if she did one slash for each Leda she killed, but we saw her cutting herself in season 1 just to relieve the pressure building inside her.

    Back in the present timeline, Helena has been kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location. But it sure doesn’t look like the island, does it? PT wants Coady to perform a C-section because he’s on the verge of death. He needs Helena’s babies so he can use the LIN28A mutation to save himself. Coady, at least in this moment, suggests they induce labor so Helena can have a natural birth, which is safer for Helena and the babies. But PT is impatient — and a little crazy now. With Rachel’s betrayal and reveal of his true identity, he’s lost his grip on most of Neolution. The board members are being systematically murdered and only PT’s fiercest believers remain: Coady, Mr. Frontenac, Enger. Continue reading