Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.08 “Guillotines Decide”

    Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy)

    Where to even begin? I suppose I’ll start where we left off — Rachel’s cut out her Neolution eye with the broken stem of her martini glass in the most badass, horrifying scene ever. But she’s bleeding out with few allies left. Who shows up to aid her? Ferdinand. She’s treated, her eye is sewn up, and she’s put to bed. How did Ferdinand know to show up right on time? Well, as we find out, he’s been Siobhan’s informant the whole time.

    Sarah, however, is still in the dark and her suspicions are on the rise. But Felix and Adele have returned from their trek to Switzerland to follow Neolution’s money trail with the perfect distraction: Felix’s art show! As we’ve seen since the beginning, Felix has an affinity for painting his sestras, so now he finally gets the chance to showcase them for a famous art dealer.  Siobhan thinks it’s a great idea for everyone to take a break and enjoy themselves for awhile since Neolution is in disarray.

    But Siobhan really just wants her suspicious daughter to stop fussing and trying to figure out her plans. As Siobhan heads out to get some flowers for Felix’s show, Sarah chases after her demanding to know more. Sarah says “mum” all frustrated but it comes out like “MAAAM,” and it’s very cute. Sarah is, of course, correct as Siobhan goes to meet with Delphine, Ferdinand, and Rachel for next steps in their plan to take down Neolution.

    Both Siobhan and Delphine are loathed to have been working with MK’s murderer, but it was the only way to get to the bottom of the puzzle — and Ferdinand turned out to be the key to getting close to Rachel. Siobhan and Delphine have collected a ton of evidence, but they need Rachel for all the really deep secrets. Since she was CEO of DYAD and now is very invested in taking down PT specifically for all his creepy spying and lying, Siobhan wants to take a gamble on her ties to her nature versus her nurture.

    Neo’s big plan is for the 1% to get some genetically altered babies using Kira’s LIN28A mutation, while Coady’s piece of the puzzle will be to sterilize women throughout the world – thus creating a world of genetic perfection in PT & Coady’s minds. Not cool.


    Siobhan wants to expose Neolution to the world while Ferdinand has other plans. He wants to exploit the remaining Neo board members and get them to pay off him and Rachel for what they know. With the money, they could have a dynasty and become even more powerful… Rachel suggests she and Ferdinand run off together, take the sizable nest egg she’s accrued, and live their lives in peace far away from everything. After everything this world has taken from her, she really wants to give it all up. She says this in earnest, tears sparkling her eyes.Ferdinand is too greedy, however. And that is the beginning of his downfall.  I believe she really wanted to run off into the sunset with Ferdinand and forget about everything else. She believes he’s the only person that ever truly loved her. And he’s the last one left to fail her.

    Meanwhile, Gracie returned to find Helena for Mark and Coady. She even lies to Helena, claiming Mark is dead and she has nowhere else left to go. After Helena showing her kindness, Gracie changes her mind about giving Helena up. But Coady suspects she was lying and sends Neo Bitch Cop after her. I was not a fan of Gracie after her shenanigans in season 3 but damn, girl didn’t deserve to be put down execution style in front of Helena. So, now Helena is en route to Coady. More on that next episode…

    Felix’s art show does not disappoint. He’s decked out his home with all his sestra portraits. Hellwizard is spinning, Donnie is bartending, and the important gallery owners are in attendance. When there seems to be a lull, Alison gets a great idea: use the sestras for a clone swap to represent all the portraits in living form.

    Alison is the first up: Hestia, goddess of hearth and home. She speaks to the gallery owners about how she lives in Bailey Downs with her husband. “No alcohol for me! I have to drive the soccer bus!” This line delivery cracks me up every time.

    When Cosima switches out with her, Felix announces her as Metis, goddess of wisdom and deep thought. She isn’t sure what to do with all eyes on her, so she dances on a portrait of Rachel on the floor. Delphine is also there to join the fun and do tequila shots with Felix and Donnie. She even buys Felix’s portrait of Cosima.

    Sarah arrives on a rampage after Adele “spilled some beans” about S working with Ferdinand. But there’s little time to dwell as Felix introduces her to the crowd: Athena, goddess of war. She throws up some punk ‘fuck you’s to the audience. She’s the most resistant at first and we get a cute “Play along or I’ll kill you” from Felix. Very brotherly.

    When Siobhan finally appears with flowers for Felix, Sarah bombards her. S explains that she had to keep Sarah in the dark because she knew she couldn’t stomach working with Ferdinand but S did what she had to do. Now they have Rachel’s cooperation and everything is falling into place. This puts Sarah at ease knowing all that S did for her and her sisters and knowing that it’s almost over. Art is even at the show, and he and Sarah share a tender moment as they look at Felix’s Beth portrait. (While I watched this episode the first time, I texted my friend: “Ohhh no, I can’t handle Beth feels on top of all this other shit that’s going on!” Hahaha.)

    Felix greets his audience, pulling Sarah on stage as his original muse. Siobhan films them with her phone like a proper proud mum. Until Felix pulls her on stage. And Sarah pulls Adele. And then I was just a sobbing mess as Felix gave his speech.


    My sister and I are orphans, you see, and we could’ve ended up anywhere. We could’ve ended up in any family. And if we had, we would’ve ended up being entirely different people. But my mom, Siobhan, this woman — she chose us as her own. We are who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her wings to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter, finding my biological sister, it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature versus nurture. So, to my galaxy of women — thank you for the nurture.”

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    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 12


    Let’s rock.

    “Thank god Gordon stocks the plane from his own wine cellar.”
    “No, you’ll be the one to tell her.”
    “Ignore the strange man…”

    Gordon and Albert officially welcome Tammy into the Blue Rose case after all her excellent work lately. She’s overjoyed and nervous all at once.

    We FINALLY get an explanation for the origins of Blue Rose, as explained by Albert:

    In 1970, the United States Air Force shut down Project Blue Book – their 20-year investigation into UFOs. They concluded that no credible evidence existed and therefore, they posed no threat to national security. In other words, a massive coverup. A few years later, the military and FBI formed a top-secret taskforce to explore the troubling abstractions raised by cases Blue Book failed to resolve. We called it the Blue Rose after a phrase uttered by a woman in one of these cases just before she died, which suggested these answers could not be reached except by an alternate path we’ve been traveling ever since. Gordon suggested an agent by the name of Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. He soon recruited three others: myself, Chet Desmond, and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m the only one of that group who hasn’t disappeared without explanation, which has led to a certain reluctance on Gordon’s part to bring new blood into the fold until tonight.

    Diane enters through red curtains, shuffling in similarly to how people walk in the Black Lodge (maybe I’m reaching here but her walk was a bit creepy…). They deputize her to continue working on the case. Because of their suspicions, I think this is a tactic to get Diane to trust they have no knowledge of her other connections. She agrees and utters a phrase we know all too well: Let’s rock. The Fire Walk With Me music makes this both exciting and creepy AF.

    There’s a lot of speculation that this scene takes place earlier than what we’ve seen because of Tammy’s involvement and knowledge later, as well as Diane’s outfit from her initial appearance. But I think this is still chronological because *gasp* people can change clothes! Diane didn’t think she’d be gone for more than a couple days so it makes sense she’d be recycling two outfits. And she’s less hostile in this scene than she was initially, too. I also think that Tammy’s work up to this point was part of her proving that she could handle Blue Rose, so Gordon and Albert wanted her to officially be part of everything now. Who knows, I could be off base and the crazy Internet theorizers could be right.

    Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh stake out the warden’s place. She wants to get it over with so she can get some Wendys. He sniper silencers the warden a couple times and kill him. His son comes outside and screams. They peel off and go get some Frosties. And then they’ll likely be off to find Dougie.

    At the bar, Diane gets another text (which is why I think this is chronological): “Las Vegas?” She replies: THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET.


    Gordon is hosting a pretty French lady in his hotel room when Albert comes to discuss these texts. She takes her damn sweet time putting her jacket on, putting her pumps on, giggling, reapplying her lipstick, taking a few more sips of wine, and basically being ridiculous and adorable all at once. Albert is quietly exasperated (that slow blink had me ROLLING) but seems to expect this as a normal condition of working with Gordon.

    She’s here visiting a friend of her mother whose daughter has gone missing. The mother owns a turnip farm. I told her to tell the mother, her daughter will turnip eventually… She didn’t get it either.”

    Albert shares the new text he intercepted to and from Diane. “What do we know that we haven’t asked her about? We’ll figure it out.” Albert still looks tired and Gordon senses something within him. Maybe a deep exhaustion or worry that something might happen to Albert since he’s the only one left who hasn’t disappeared. It must weigh heavily on Albert. “Albert, sometimes I really worry about you.” Me too, Gordon.

    At the bar again, Diane is recounting the coordinates she memorized from Ruth’s arm. She types them into her phone and is directed to — dun dun dun! — Twin Peaks!

    Las Vegas

    Cooper and Sonny Jim go outside to play catch. Sonny Jim throws him the ball and hits him in the face. That’s it. That’s all the Cooper you get this week. But it still made me laugh very hard. Continue reading

    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 11


    There’s fire where you are going.

    Some boys playing catch find Miriam, who Richard Horne thought he killed, crawling by the side of the road covered in blood. You in trouble now, Richard.

    Becky is PISSED. She’s rage screaming about Steven, her husband. Steven, who we all know is an abusive dickbag, is with another woman. She calls her mom Shelly for help because she needs her car. I love the slasher music in this scene. When Shelly arrives, Becky takes her car and tries to peel off. Shelly jumps on the hood trying to stop her. She likely saw the gun in her hand. Becky eventually throws Shelly off the hood, and Carl comes to her aid. He whistles for his VW van to come to her aid to drive her back to the Double R Diner.

    Shelly calls Norma, who suggests she call Bobby. Carl calls the station for her: “I got Shelly Briggs in the truck with me. Could you patch us through to Deputy Briggs?” Such immense joy I felt at SHELLY BRIGGS. I mean, I figured, I hoped as much.

    Becky goes to an apartment building, pounds on the door, and empties her gun into it. Steven is hiding out in a stairwell with another woman — That woman is Gersten Hayward. Donna’s little sister. She wore the pink ballerina outfit and performed a song for the Palmers way back in early Twin Peaks. Well, she’s all grown up now and making terrible choices.

    Bobby, Shelly, and Becky have a family meeting at the diner as Norma looks on worriedly. Becky is making excuses for her shitty husband. Like mother, like daughter, eh?


    Becky, we know you’re a grown, married woman. But we’re your parents. And we love you. We don’t wanna lose you.”

    Shelly bursts into tears and she and Becky reconcile and hug. But this happy family moment is short lived as Red shows up. My immense joy at Shelly Briggs was also shattered just as quickly as it appeared. Shelly’s mood changes in an instant when she sees him through the window. She runs out to see him while Bobby is left at the table like a sad, wounded puppy. He watches them smooch in eyesight… and then they quickly move out of eyesight. They agree to meet at the “same place” before Shelly returns to her family.

    I don’t think Bobby and Shelly are divorced because she seems to be wearing a ring on a necklace. I assume it’s her wedding ring. But, why, Shelly, why!? Bobby is such a good guy now, even though he’s still rocking his leather jacket. He’s grown so much. It’s just so sad to see Shelly comforting her daughter, who’s stuck in her own Leo Johnson situation, only to have her turn around and repeat those same mistakes. My extremely far-fetched theory is that Bobby has her working undercover to find out more about the Chinese designer drugs and bust that guy. But what is more likely is that she and Bobby have marital problems and are separated. Womp womp. A girl can dream that they’ll end up back together.

    Suddenly, someone starts shooting into the diner and Bobby runs out to stop it. Apparently, some little kid in a van was just playing with his dad’s gun and shooting out the window. The constant honking in this scene is so grating. I know Lynch did this on purpose because he loves using sound to make people immensely uncomfortable. He sees a similar thing in the son and the dad. Like father, like son. Perhaps Bobby recognizes how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in his own family but he’s powerless to stop what’s happening.

    Bobby also has to deal with a woman who won’t stop screaming at him and some girl who is puking. After all of that, his expression says it all: This town is fucked up. Good grief.


    Hawk has a map to show Sheriff Truman. (Fun fact: Michael Horse made the map!) It’s covered in various symbols that we recognize well. “It’s a fire symbol. A type of fire, more like modern day electricity.” We know the Black Lodge is all about that electricity. Truman points out the weird little head symbol we saw on BobCooper’s card and Briggs’s clues: “Frank, you don’t ever wanna know about that.” But, I do, Hawk! Just tell me!!! Margaret calls with another message:

    Hawk, can you hear me? Hawk, can you hear me? You found something, didn’t you? What did you find, Hawk? My log is afraid of fire. There’s fire where you are going. Hawk, there’s fire where you are going. Goodnight, Hawk.”

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