Stephanie Starts a New Blog

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Stephanie. I’m 25 and live in downtown Chicago with my kitty. I have a 9-5-er, but I’m also a do lots of freelance editing/writing on the side. It won’t be long before I get bored and go get my PhD just for something to do. Ha!

    Anyhoo, I’ve ventured into the blogosphere many times before, but always seem to lose interest in my blog after a while. I think because I’m always trying to narrow my blog’s focus on one thing, such as something nerdy or just fashion. And so many people have also told me I should start a TV Review blog because I tend to build my social schedule around my TV shows (thank goodness for TIVO though!). But my interests are really and truly not limited to just one thing!

    I’m starting this blog as more of a lifestyle blog of things that I like and things that I like to do.

    Some of the posts you will be seeing on this blog:

    • Stephanie Watches: Weekly TV Round-Ups of all the shows I’m watching and/or special posts for certain TV shows I’m passionate about (aka Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones/etc).
    • Stephanie Wears: If I have a camera person nearby and I happen to be wearing something cute, then I’ll post it! I still love fashion, even though I’m no longer working in the industry.
    • Stephanie Reads: I’m a huge bookworm. With my one-to-two hour twice-a-day commute and my iPad mini, I get a lot of reading done on the CTA. I’d love to share some of the cool books I’ve read this year!
    • Stephanie Cosplays: Oh, what’s that? I’m a really big nerd who not only goes to conventions regularly, but also makes costumes and dresses up as her favorite character? You betcha!
    • Stephanie Works Out: I’ve been really into getting healthy and fit lately. So, I’d love to have another outlet to share my workouts and progress! I am by no means any expert, but I’ve been enjoying my lifestyle changes.
    • Stephanie Eats/Drinks: That’s pretty self-explanatory. I may share recipes or just some food/drinks I love. I’m pretty picky (my  friends would say VERY VERY VERY picky), but I still try everything once!
    • Stephanie Wants: I covet many gorgeous things. I will probably make silly Polyvore collages for you with cat-themed items. Okay, they won’t always be cat-themed, but the number of cat shirts I have is a little out of control.

    Anyhoo, you get the theme, right? Stephanie Plus Verb=Stephanie Does Things

    And I’m Stephanie, obviously! Nice to meet you. I hope you stick around!