Stephanie Drinks Ommegang “Iron Throne Blonde Ale” & “Take the Black Stout”


    When the beer was released in stores, I tried in vain to find a bottle of my own. Most stores only had a limited supply, and they sold out quickly. I gave up after a couple months. And then, while looking for a tasty beverage at Printer’s Row Wine Shop, THERE IT WAS! Dawn actually spotted it and we proceeded to flail in excitement (or “muppet flail,” as she would describe it) because it was the only bottle left! Probably in all of Chicago! (We assumed, I mean, hey, this was a special moment, don’t ruin it.)

    We rushed back to my place to sample it and it was delicious. I love, love, love lighter beers, so this was right up my alley. I wish I had been able to find more or that they would re-release this. I’d love to have another taste, but it was gone all too quickly.

    A few months later, I found out that they would be releasing another Game of Thrones beer in time for the cooler months called the “Take the Black Stout.” Not wanting to miss out on getting this one, I found out the release dates for Chicago and got right on it. My friend Ali, who happened to be at Binny’s picking up supplies for a party, spotted a bunch of Take the Black Stouts! So, she kindly picked one up for me.

    The stout was a darker, woodier beer. I generally dislike dark beers, especially things like Guinness, but this didn’t taste as dark. It had a bitter first taste, but once you started sipping and drinking more, I found myself really enjoying it (that could be the alcohol taking effect, but who knows…). I’d still say I liked the Iron Throne Blonde Ale better (of course, I do, I’m a Lannister ally!), but it’s nice to sample Ommegang’s interpretation of the different places/themes in Westeros.

    They also make great decorations to go with my Funko POP Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen figurines. I look forward to adding to my collection of bottles.

    Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones 1×04: “Breakfast Burrito Club”

    The fourth episode was a bit of a “bottle” episode, since the majority of the episode took place in the confines of the office.

    Workaholic Sydney is pressured by her father to take a vacation in Hawaii. She’ll be going with a “Women’s Group” and many lesbian jokes ensue:

    Simon: “And their motto again is…”
    Sydney: “We put the ‘V’ in adventure.”

    When they all hear the news that a client has moved up the pitch to the next day instead of the next week, Syd keeps trying to come back to work as her coworkers are literally pushing her out the door.

    The team begins brainstorming before Sydney bursts back in announcing she’s changed her flight and ready to help. But no one can really concentrate as they had prior plans. Lauren was meant to go to a poetry reading and reads a very gruesome poem about killing her ex Charlie to try and spark Simon’s creativity. Zach tells the gang a burrito-related story about his current girlfriend, but it’s mostly filled with giggling and high-pitched squeeing from him (and much teasing from the others since he finally likes someone!). Andrew, clad in a caramel colored, wool cardigan, gets a call from his girlfriend and Syd reveals that he’s back with his horrible, pretentious ex “Nancy Cardigan.” Why are you so focused on his girlfriend, Sydney, HMM?

    In order to rid him of the cardigan that Andrew admits he hates, they throw it in a trashcan and set it on fire. The fire alarm goes off and water sprouts from the ceiling, mostly soaking only Sydney and Andrew. They go to change and Sydney confesses that she just wants Andrew to be with someone who could appreciate him for how great a guy he is (and doesn’t force him to eat gluten free vegan cheese), all the while undressing to get changed out her wet clothes. Andrew takes this as some kind of signal and kisses her!!!

    Sydney is wigged out and they agree to never speak of this again. In the meantime, Simon has disappeared and they find him flipping burgers at a diner to clear his head. While trying to come up with ideas at the diner, Sydney reveals that she and Andrew kissed. All of them eventually find their way to Lauren’s poetry reading, where it’s revealed “Charlie” is a woman. Andrew is on the phone trying to make things work with Nancy Cardigan, Zach is now over his girlfriend and trying to break up with her, and Simon is comforting Sydney as she tries to claim she isn’t jealous over Andrew. As she suddenly realizes, “Oh god, am I cheat!?” The idea finally strikes Simon.

    Breakfast Burritos: Cheat on Your Breakfast! Success! Sydney tries to mend her friendship with Andrew, returning to calling him “buddy” and gives him a nice squeeze on his bum per his jumpsuit letters “Grab a Can.”

    For me the comedy is getting better and better. If you don’t like puns, well, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But this episode was full of silly puns and gags. My favorite gag was the clock turning and turning to show the passage of time for how long they’d been working. But when the camera pulled back, it was just Simon turning it to fix the clock. I laughed pretty hard for that one.

    I’m not convinced that this coupling of Sydney and Andrew will be a one time thing. I originally thought maybe Zach and Sydney would have a thing together since he’s such a studly ladies man. So, I’m happy the show is going this route–maybe going this route?–because Andrew is a lovable, goofy guy. They’re painting Sydney as an extreme workaholic who need to get a little fun in her life, so I hope we get to see more of people’s social lives outside of work.


    Update from this morning: CBS ordered a FULL SEASON of The Crazy Ones! Wooo! Congrats to everyone on the cast! I’m so happy for SMG!


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    Stephanie Wants: Fall 2013

    Fall Favs 2013
    It hadn’t really felt like fall outside until today. The weather had been stuck in the 70s (not that I mind, really), so it’s been pretty warm. Plus, they shut off the air conditioning in my apartment building, so it’s been sweltering inside. We’ve had the windows open all day and night with several fans going to keep cool. At least Sookie is enjoying the open windows!
    But today, I busted out the boots and leather jacket since it was only 54 degrees when I left for work. And it’s definitely chilly, complete with that Chicago wind! So, I was thinking about all the things I love during this season that keeps me warm. And Halloween is coming up so soon! (I just couldn’t resist the cheesy clip art, I’m sorry!) I can’t believe October is almost halfway over.Those olive jackets with the leather sleeves are EVERYWHERE. I see at least one girl on the train everyday wearing a variation of one. And they’re so cute! I am envious, but also concerned the light jacket might be a little chilly… Either way, I need more leather paneling in my wardrobe.

    Infinity scarves are my leftover cold weather favorite from last year. With the wind here, wearing a regular scarf can be a challenge. It’ll come undone and be swooping around you as you’re walking down the street. Circle scarves have solved that problem. And I never have to worry about the end of my scarf getting zipped up into my jacket…as it tends to do when I’m half asleep and going out the door to work. I have a few infinity scarves leftover from last year, but I’m sure I’ll end up getting a few more.

    I’ve been trying to get into wearing lipstick more often. The only problem is that the lipstick I buy smudges or rubs off after barely an hour of wear. I’ve heard some good things about Mac lipstick, so I may be adding some of their colors to my make up collection.

    Just like the circle scarf, headbands are a new staple to my cold weather wardrobe. My friend Meagan gave me one last year, and I’ve been sold ever since. My hair is very fine, so when I wear a hat of any kind, it immediately conforms to that shape. Basically whatever effort I put into my hair that morning is completely ruined by a hat. And in Chicago with all the walking I need to do, having something warm on your head is pretty essential. Thus, these headbands are perfect for me. Keeps my head warm while not messing up my hair. I highly recommend them. I just bought two more from H&M when they were having a mega sale over the weekend.

    I bought a pair of black Minnetonka knee-high boots last year for $5 and they’re ridiculously comfy. I would love to add some ankle booties or just the regular moccasins to my collection. I had some moccasins from Target, but they’re basically destroyed from way too much wear. Clearly I need to replace them!

    And finally, what’s fall without something pumpkin related? I just bought a little pumpkin last night. Not sure if I’ll carve it, but the moment I saw it at the grocery store last night, I needed to have it. It was small, perfectly round, and had a big stem. It’s a magazine-worthy pumpkin, I tell ya! But I need some pumpkin candles in my life. All the ones I currently have smell like Christmas, which smells amazing, but it’s just…not the right time! Not yet.

    What are some of your fall must-haves?


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