Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones 1×06: “Hugging the Now”

    "Hugging the Now" -- Simon (Robin Williams, right) is nominated for a prestigious advertising award, going against Sydney’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar, left) high school crush, on THE CRAZY ONES, Thurs. Oct. 31 (9:01 – 9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
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    We learn that Simon is up for an advertising award, and he really wants to win it, but isn’t sure how to make an impact on the judges. Lauren devises a plan for billboards and blimps (well, they couldn’t get the blimp) to display his message “Simon Roberts Makes an Impact” throughout Chicago.

    While reading the list of nominees, Sydney sees a familiar name: her high school crush Josh. The office decides to hold a party for all the nominees and Sydney dolls herself up to see him. (And looks freakin’ gorgeous in that Narciso Rodriguez dress!) She reveals to her unhelpful colleagues that she bought a snow globe to represent the relationship with Josh she could have had, only she was always too nervous to ever speak to him.

    When Josh finally approaches her at the party (with Lauren, Andrew, and Zach oogling the situation from afar), he kisses her and confesses he always had a crush on her as they dance under the office tree.

    After a weekend full of magical dates of binge-watching Bones with Josh, Sydney is over the moon. Until she and Simon see a few ads for “Josh Hayes Makes an Impact.” She storms into Josh’s office and accuses him of stealing their idea, which she had casually mentioned over the weekend while filled with wine and Bones watching. Offended, Sydney accuses him:

    Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 11.13.30 AM

    And if you’re a Buffy fan, which you should be if you aren’t, you understand why this is amazing!

    Josh doesn’t see the big deal because advertisers steal from each other all the time. But Sydney isn’t like that. “Bye! See you never!” and storms out lopsided after one of her heels broke off. I know that feel, girl.

    In the end, Simon didn’t win and Sydney is sad about the betrayal of confidence, but the gang goes out for drinks after the award ceremony. To make Sydney feel better, they re-create her snow globe fantasy with Zach as the man in the scarf, Lauren throwing fake snow, and Andrew playing the song.

    Simon looks on and decides that even though he didn’t win, he “has everything he needs.”

    And, not gonna lie, I got a little misty.

    Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 11.10.56 AM

    I’d like to end this post by showing off the super exciting thing that happened! I tweet at Sarah when my reviews go up and…out of her 92K followers, she actually noticed! Look, my URL is in there and everything! Needless to say, I had a heart attack of joy.

    Thank you for reading, Sarah! It means the world to me and more!

    Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones 1×05: “She’s So European”

    Let’s talk about sex, baby! As long as it’s not with your parents.

    This episode was all about the strange boundaries that can be crossed when personal lives get mixy with professional lives.

    Helena, a client and also a gorgeous older European woman with an accent, draws everyone into her strange world. She takes Zach “as a lover” and gossips about him over drinks with Sydney. It was nice to see Sydney out of the office. We still don’t know much about her background or personal life, nor much about any of the characters, but we’re getting there. Helena reveals a ridiculous, dazzling smile that Zach has taken as his “O” face. The next day at work, every time Zach smiles, a tinkling sound plays and Sydney wigs out. And we get confirmation from the always randomly hilarious Lauren that she and Zach used to be more than just colleagues from her impression of his former, disgusting “O” face.

    Sydney stops by Helena’s apartment to hang out, but is confronted with her father wrapping himself in a flowery, silk bathrobe–yikes! Of course, neither Simon or Zach know that the other is sleeping with her, until Syd tells Zach, who wants to admit defeat and let Simon have her since he is the boss.

    While all of this is going on, Andrew is trying to conduct his first ever audio recording for an ad, done by Fred Melamed, famous for his commanding voice on the Olympics, CBS Sports, and a zillion other commercials. Timid Andrew has a hard time trying to direct him, so when Andrew asks for another take, Fred storms out, insulted.

    When he returns, Andrew “grows a pair” and challenges him, making him record the tagline for their product the way he wants it. Fred embraces him, glad that he could make Andrew come out of his shell and take charge.

    Simon, Zach, and Sydney all confront Helena about mixing business with pleasure. Things take a turn for the awkward and Helena ends things with both men, while revealing some secrets that Sydney spilled in an attempt to seem cooler to her–only one of which being true. On the way out, they run into Fred, who seduces Helena with only the power of his voice. He then “takes her as a lover” and they two leave.

    But still Simon and Zach want to know which one of Syd’s secrets were real. She denies all until “College lesbian phase?” She grimaces and defends herself: “I was young!” They are really playing this “Sydney is a closet lesbian” card hard as it has been a theme the past few episodes. Next week’s previous showed her getting cozy with a guy (plus, there’s the whole kissing Andrew thing), so maybe they’ll dispute it. If not, cool. Do how you do, Sydney.

    The funniest moments for me in this episode weren’t even the lines. Sarah Michelle Gellar has an extremely expressive face and just a look from her will have me rolling. The beautiful music that played whenever Zach smiled also make me laugh each time.  The “O” face competition between Simon and Zach was great. However, Lauren’s casual lines about awful things are the best. (Andrew: “Anyone have a cyanide pill?”  Lauren: “Oh, I might!”)

    The show also continues to make secret Buffy jokes.

    Lauren: “Are you a professional monster slayer? No, because that’s not a thing. But I believe in you.”

    Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 12.32.23 PM

    Congrats again to the cast for getting a full season order! Now…how about a renewal?


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    Stephanie Drinks Ommegang “Iron Throne Blonde Ale” & “Take the Black Stout”


    When the beer was released in stores, I tried in vain to find a bottle of my own. Most stores only had a limited supply, and they sold out quickly. I gave up after a couple months. And then, while looking for a tasty beverage at Printer’s Row Wine Shop, THERE IT WAS! Dawn actually spotted it and we proceeded to flail in excitement (or “muppet flail,” as she would describe it) because it was the only bottle left! Probably in all of Chicago! (We assumed, I mean, hey, this was a special moment, don’t ruin it.)

    We rushed back to my place to sample it and it was delicious. I love, love, love lighter beers, so this was right up my alley. I wish I had been able to find more or that they would re-release this. I’d love to have another taste, but it was gone all too quickly.

    A few months later, I found out that they would be releasing another Game of Thrones beer in time for the cooler months called the “Take the Black Stout.” Not wanting to miss out on getting this one, I found out the release dates for Chicago and got right on it. My friend Ali, who happened to be at Binny’s picking up supplies for a party, spotted a bunch of Take the Black Stouts! So, she kindly picked one up for me.

    The stout was a darker, woodier beer. I generally dislike dark beers, especially things like Guinness, but this didn’t taste as dark. It had a bitter first taste, but once you started sipping and drinking more, I found myself really enjoying it (that could be the alcohol taking effect, but who knows…). I’d still say I liked the Iron Throne Blonde Ale better (of course, I do, I’m a Lannister ally!), but it’s nice to sample Ommegang’s interpretation of the different places/themes in Westeros.

    They also make great decorations to go with my Funko POP Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen figurines. I look forward to adding to my collection of bottles.