Stephanie Goes to Kollision Con 2013


    This past Saturday, I hit up Kollision Con in Rosemont, IL. It’s a teeny tiny con at the Crowne Plaza, which brought back some extreme nostalgia of some of my first conventions when I was in high school. (Jeez, have I really been going to cons for that long!?) But I mostly went to go hang out with my BFF Ali, who had a booth for her art. She recently published her first comic book known as The Hasty Pastry, a story about a barista with her trusty pug companion and all the people she encounters at her work from coworkers to customers to her manager. It’s amusing and fun for all ages, plus the art is gorgeous!

    Ali also does fanart and lots of other amazing art, as you can see above. This was her booth at the con, as she worked hard on commissions. Check out her website The Wet Stain for more if you’re interested (and you should be!!) and check out her book.

    Aside from hanging out at her booth, I wandered the dealer’s room and tried to find some awesome cosplayers. I myself whipped together a quick closet cosplay for Rose Tyler from season 4 of Doctor Who. Everyone and their mom tells me I look like Billie Piper, so with my shorter hair, I might as well embrace it! In the few short hours I was there, I got a great reception. Sadly, I didn’t find any other doctors, but I did find a Captain Jack, who was super nice.

    It was great to get back into the convention world, if only for a few hours. I miss it too much! The next big one is C2E2….and it’s getting closer and closer. Eek! I need to get started on my costumes soon!

    Anyhoo, check out my cosplay and some of the other outstanding cosplays from the day:

    Me as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

    Joel and a creepy Clicker from the awesome game Last of Us

    These lovely ladies from the Hunger Games. The girl on the left made both of the dresses!

    Super nice Captain Jack from Doctor Who/Torchwood and myself!


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    Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones 1×08: “The Stan Wood Account”

    "The Stan Wood Account" -- Simon Roberts (Robin Williams, right) is intent on making things right when his business partner, Gordon Lewis (Brad Garrett, left), forces him to give up his very first client when it conflicts with another account, on THE CRAZY ONES, Thurs. Nov. 14 (9:01 â�� 9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.    Photo: Richard Cartwright/FOX �¨�©2013 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.

    This week we finally learned who the “Lewis” in “Lewis Roberts & Roberts” is: the ridiculously tall Brad Garrett! Gordon Lewis and Simon Roberts befriended each other on a cold Chicago night with a half naked, drunk Simon trying to outrun a city bus, but Gordon rescued him by wrapping him up in his blanket of a coat.

    Gordon learns of a mysterious account called the Stan Wood account, but can’t seem to contact this Stan Wood. Simon hid the truth for so long because it is an old friend’s used car dealership, which is a conflicting account with Ford. He gives him a time limit to sever ties the “Stan Wood” account. But Simon’s old friend was planning to retire and still has so many cars left to sell, so he can’t lose the  free advertising. To solve both their problems, Simon enlists the group to help sell all the cars over the weekend.

    Ed Asner also guest stars as “Mr Finger” who used to be part of a dusting spray  campaign in the 70s. Everyone is excited to have him filming an updated version of his campaign and Sydney is doting on him, flirting with him (or just being a nice host!), and taking him out for the early bird dinner. To her extreme surprise, he plants a kiss on her after their dinner date.

    As she gets her coworkers’ advice on what to do, they decide to “blame the victim” because she was shamelessly flirting with him. To everyone else, her simple offer of dinner looked like this:

    Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.34.38 PM

    Also, this scene totally reminded me of this scene from the Buffy episode “Storyteller”:

    You’re damn right I can relate everything to Buffy!

    Anyway, she confronts him about the awkwardness and all is well. Later on, Andrew sees Mr. Finger hitting on another woman in a similar fashion and comes to the conclusion that he’s just a creepy old man. Mr. Finger doesn’t want Sydney to know his true nature, so Andrew bribes him into helping out at the used car dealership.

    In the end, Simon and the team ends up selling all the cars, the final one to Gordon. So, “Stan Wood” gets to retire and Lewis Roberts & Roberts get to keep their million dollar Ford account.

    And now I leave you with Zach luring you into buying a crappy car.


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    Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones 1×07: “Sydney, Australia”

    When I saw the preview for this episode, I couldn’t help but think of one of my other favorite shows “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with Sweet Dee tied to a bed screaming “GROOOOBANNNN” because she couldn’t get to the Josh Groban concert. I, admittedly, don’t listen to Josh Groban, but I may have been converted after tonight’s episode!

    The firm is trying to get an account for a travel agency (I think? Not sure if that was ever clear, but considering their ad attempts..) in Australia. Simon hates Australia since a trip he took there was a catalyst for his life falling apart. So, he makes many a snarky comment about the Aussies in between pitches. The firm remains unimpressed by their ideas, which featured Andrew jumping around like a kangaroo, a sexy cartoon koala, and the craziest of all: Andrew, Zach, and Simon reenacting Priscilla: Queen of the Desert! (If you haven’t seen that movie, watch it. It’s….an experience! Hugo Weaving in drag was nuts!)

    After she appears in an advertising magazine, Sydney receives a congratulatory basket of goodies from a former jingle writing coworker, played by Josh Groban. The basket includes a CD with a song dedicated to her.

    Sydney, you’re one of a kind
    Sydney, you’re so fine
    Sydney, your love ain’t no crime
    Sydney, you’re so fine

    Is it stuck in your head yet!?

    Everyone else is convinced he’s just a crazy stalker, but Sydney, being way too nice despite everyone describing her as aloof, just can’t seem to shut him down nicely. The rest of the week, everyone in the office plays the Sydney song over and over again getting it into everyone’s heads. Zach confesses he uses it as a cool down song for his workouts. Eventually Groban shows up to the office to bring her lunch: “Bitch gotta eat! No, I didn’t meant it like that…” But she finally tells him that the song is weird and they barely know each other, so he needs to leave her alone.

    While that’s happening, Simon continues his pitch to Australia and suddenly launches into the Sydney song, accompanied by Zach on guitar. The agency loves it and wants to buy the song as a jingle.

    Now Sydney has to make nice with Groban at his show so they can buy his song for the agency. Since being “dumped” by Sydney, he’s written a much more intense song about “Sydney I barely know you.” But the crowd goes wild jamming out, except for Syd who looks pretty dejected by the whole thing.

    Simon convinces Groban to give them their song with some inspirational bathroom conversation: “That love song you wrote is a great jingle, but that’s all it’ll ever be. But that angry jam that Sydney inspired, that’s rich with rage and darkness. That’s art….I’m just saying great songs don’t come from getting the girl, they come from NOT getting the girl. Sydney’s like the guy who broke Adele’s heart…”

    Sydney is happy for the firm, but still feeling sad that everyone thinks she’s so cold. Simon tells her a story about one night, after she had planned a birthday party for him, he missed it by being drunk until 2AM. When he woke up in the morning, he found a slice of cake and a birthday card that read “We missed you.” And it was that selfless act of hers that made him quit drinking. (Cue more mistyness from me, dammit! It’s just too cute!)

    Simon ends the episode by singing about how much he hates Australia with Groban.