Stephanie Watches Agent Carter: 2×04 “Smoke and Mirrors”


The sexual tension between Peggy and Wilkes is ridonk. And even more ridonk since he’s non-corporeal, so the two can’t resume their phone booth makeout. Unfortunately, Wilkes feels as though he’s slipping away. The zero matter seems to be pulling him away. But Peggy encourages him to hold on. As she tries to hold onto him.

Peggy and Jarvis are on a stakeout and figure out that Chadwick’s driver must also be his bodyguard — given he sported the same wound she inflicted on the guy who attacked her in Howard’s backyard. And he (Hunt) also works at the Arena Club, which means he likely has access to all the secret info they couldn’t get. So, they devise a plan to kidnap him!

What’re your feelings on committing a felony, Mr. Jarvis?”
“In this case, decidedly for.”

Meanwhile, Whitney is testing out her zero matter powers on a bunch of innocent rats. She sucks another one into her and her scar grows larger.

Jarvis and his very ridiculous accent try to smoke out Hunt. Peggy has to stick him with two tranquilizer darts, but he’s still fighting in the trunk of the car. When Peggy knocks him out for good, Jarvis accidentally get stuck with a dart. And hilarity ensues.

Mr. Jarvis, you all right?”

Sousa finds Peggy acting rather strangely and discovers Hunt kidnapped in her car. But instead of reporting her, he decides to help her out. He scolds her a little bit first, mainly because she didn’t include Sousa at first. She didn’t include him to protect him. They do a little bad cop/good cop on Hunt, trying to get some information out of him, namely Whitney Frost and Chadwick. With his lack of help, Peggy injects him with what he thinks is malaria. But if he refuses to talk, she won’t give him the antidote. Really, though, it’s just a bad cold. Good one, Pegs.

After letting Hunt stew, they promise to protect him for any information he gives. “They’re in everything. And what they can’t buy, they destroy… I’m already dead.” Despite that, he gives them the information about a storage room in the Arena Club that has all the recordings of the meetings in the secret boardroom. Sousa and Peggy mobilize their team to invade the Arena Club, but their warrant is denied and the FBI stamps out the mission in favor of a routine audit. They really are in everything…

I’m in this with you ’til the end, Peggy.”


Sousa has taken a device to plant on Hunt and lets him go. But has to get punched in the face so it looks like Hunt actually escaped. And Hunt runs right to Whitney Frost and Chadwick. Thanks, buddy!

Of course, he tells them everything he told Peggy. Hunt tries to threaten them back, but Whitney has other plans. “We all make mistakes…. And mistakes can be fixed.” Especially when you murder them and absorb their body into you!

Peggy and co. lost the signal, but they sure did hear Hunt suffering.

What was that?”
“That was me. Fixing another one of your problems.”
“What are you?”
“Whatever I want.”

Throughout the episode, we got glimpses into both Peggy’s and Whitney’s past. It was interesting to see the different upbringings, the path to their successes, and the choices they made along the way.

Whitney seemed to have been a genius from birth, but her mother dismissed her, trying to teach her that intelligence will get her nothing in this world. It’s all about her looks. While extremely true in any day and age, she managed to combine those two things and become extremely successful in both scientific discoveries and her acting career. But it was so sad to see her be so happy just to see a film, thanks to the kindness of the ticket agent while knowing she just brutally murdered someone. Wooo, tragic villainess! (Also, Twin Peaks shoutout to Chris Mulkey a.k.a. Hank Jennings, who played Whitney’s mom’s terrible manfriend.)

Peggy, on the other hand, was a trademark tomboy but grew up to do what she thought was expected of her: get married. Or rather, get engaged to an all right guy. I say all right because there was nothing awful about him, but he seemed quite boring compared to what we knew life had in store for her. Her brother had put her name forth to go on the front lines of the war but since she was getting married, she declined. He was pretty disappointed in her, seeming to know that she was destined for much greater things. While trying on her wedding dress with her mother one day, her family gets some tragic news, that her brother was killed in the war. (And then Hayley Atwell’s acting during this scene reduces me to tears!)

So, Peggy knew what she had to do. She had to honor her brother, forgo her engagement, and serve her country. The fact that she could have gone down such a different path and never met Steve Rogers is so stressful to me. Who would Captain America be without Peggy Carter? I don’t want to know!

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