Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×08 “The Mountain and the Viper”

Tyrion’s fate was decided by the gods in the most recent episode. Of course, they waited until the last five minutes of the episode to do that, despite the title of episode being “The Mountain and the Viper,” so I’ll wait until the end of my post to talk about it. Ha!

The episode opened with Mole’s Town getting sacked by the wildlings. Naturally, Gilly is spared by Ygritte because she’s not even supposed to be there, anyway. But this was the signal that we know the battle they’ve been talking about for three seasons is finally upon the Wall–next episode. It was nice to see Ygritte being badass though.

While I find most filler to be annoying, I’ve been really enjoying the added scenes with Missandei and Grey Worm. (And the added scene of Dany doing her hair, which I thought was very cute.) We don’t really get to know them that well in the books and well, they’re both gorgeous to look at. And Grey Worm’s speech to her in the Throne Room brought a tear to my eye.

“If the masters never cut me, I never am Unsullied. I never stand in the Plaza of Pride when Daenerys Stormborn orders us to kill the masters. I never am chosen to lead the Unsullied.

I never meet Missandei from the island of Noath.”

*cries* It’s nice that there is still some romance left in the Seven Kingdoms.

Unfortunately, not all is pleasant in Meereen. Ser Barristan gets a letter stating that Jorah Mormont has been pardoned by King Robert Baratheon because he was informing on Dany. He wants the chance to explain himself, but Selmy won’t allow him to be near her.

Ser Jorah approaches her in her throne room to explain himself. And is the saddest puppy dog ever while doing so. Jorah was her confidant from the beginning and to think that he was telling the people that killed her family what she was doing was unthinkable. Especially since his reports had brought assassins across the Narrow Sea to kill her. But it’s clear that she still cares for him so deeply and doesn’t know how to handle this blow, so instead of killing him, like she would do for anyone else that did this to her, she banishes him.

“I must not weep. I must not. If I weep, I will forgive him.”

Blergh, my heart. I don’t ship Dany/Jorah (so I’m not bummed he didn’t kiss her on the show), but I enjoy their relationship a lot. So, this is very brutal.

In the Vale, Petyr is trying to explain why Lysa came to fall through the Moon Door. He tells everyone suicide, but they bring in Sansa to give her side. And while she confesses to everything very truthfully, the one detail she left out is that Petyr threw her. Petyr thinks that she did this to save him, but she did it to save herself. If they executed Littlefinger, she had no idea what they would do with her. She’s learning, Petyr. And you can’t stop her!

Side note: There were some people saying that Sansa confessing to her real name was a TWoW spoiler? But I don’t see how. I just thought it was the writer’s way of working around Marillon not being there to be the scapegoat for Lysa’s murder.

Naturally, more creepiness abounds with Littlefinger. He really has mastered the look that makes your skin crawl. And now it seems as though they are skipping over Sansa’s entire arc from A Feast for Crows since she, Petyr, and Robin are heading out of the Vale already. Either way, Sansa, or should I say Alayne Stone, looked pretty badass in her weird feathery gown and new brown hair.

I’m also convinced they changed Robert’s name to Robin simply so LittlefingerĀ could make that “leaving the nest” pun.

And finally we come to King’s Landing. Only to listen to Tyrion drone on and on and on….and ON about some stupid beetle story. Great. I could have had some more scenes with Oberyn and Ellaria as they prepared for this battle. But, nope, I gotta listen to Tyrion give a pointless speech in a dungeon. Thanks, show.

We finally get out to the sunshine for the battle. Oberyn is drinking and smooching his lady, Ellaria Sand.

HAHA, cool. Okay. Anyway, the battle happens. Oberyn has some sweet snakeskin leather on, which I enjoyed. He is very graceful and fast, unlike the big ass Mountain, who is all strength and slowness. They both get in a few good blows before Oberyn slashes him a few times and stabs him in the gut. He doesn’t finish him off because he wants The Mountain to confess to his crimes.

“You raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children.”

The Mountain doesn’t give a shit, so he gets the upper hand and lots of horrible, gross, awful things happen in a few seconds. Oberyn dies, The Mountain falls over (out of exhaustion or were some of his wounds fatal oooOoooOooooo…), and Tywin declares that Tyrion will be sentenced to death.

Same, Ellaria, same.

The reaction from fans has been great, as per usual. I felt personally very upset because Oberyn is one of my favorite characters and Pedro made him come to life in a great (and hotttt) way. But I know a lot of people just can’t handle it. The angry statuses, the angry tweets. I love it! Life isn’t fair in this world. In any world, really.

And now I’m sure people are shouting, “If they kill Tyrion, I’m done!” But, ya’llĀ said that a billion Starks ago. You’re never done. ;)

And with that, I end with smug Cersei, who is probably the happiest she will ever be in her entire life in this moment. (Except maybe that her secret boyfriend Oberyn died…yeah, I still ship it…) So, I’m going to enjoy that, but I’m still PRETTY UPSET ABOUT OBERYN. UGH. Now I know how you Stark fans feel.


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4 thoughts on “Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×08 “The Mountain and the Viper”

  1. Obv I enjoy all of your posts but this one is truly a cut above the rest. Let’s break it down:

    So many good photos. I’m so happy you found a picture of Sansa in the feather dress! I’ve been searching everywhere for another chance to bask in its glory.

    Plus Ellaria (and that caption) are perfect. Clearly, shoulder pads are all the rage right now.

    Finally, mad props for calling out that obnoxious Robin pun. The writer’s are really doing everything in their power to make Littlefinger the most detestable character on the show.

    Great review of a *mindblowing* episode.

    • Aww, thanks! :3

      Just go to tumblr and search for Sansa Stark and I’m sure you’ll find a ton better ones, generally in gif form. Most of these photos I ganked from tumblr or They’re my best source! I generally end up screencapping gifs because I can’t find good screencaps, haha.

      And Ellaria and her fashion sense is the best! I hope we get to see more of her in eps to come.

      Anyway, thank you muchly! Glad you enjoy the review! :D

  2. I liked the beetle story, even though if it was pulled out of nowhere, simply because it was fun to hear of more branches of lesser Lannisters, and Jaime and Tyrion just talking together, about anything, I won’t complain. Unless this was a substitute of what was supposed to be a talk over further details of Tysha… then it’s like… SCREW THE BEETLES and low ranking Lannister rejects.

    I really liked that Ellaria’s dress MATCHED Oberyn’s, the accents were made of the same leather he’s wearing. I didn’t mind that we didn’t get more time between them outside of before the battle, but that may be because I was kinda felt like they pushed the poly scenes SO hard(yes we get it, they have a lot of fun with multiple partners but live only for eachother, they are both bisexuals, Dorne much kink, stop being so prude Westerosi). I feel like if they put any more of them in, they’d just go for more sex, rather than fleshing out other things. I think otherwise they did a good job of showing how different their relationship is compared to a standard one in Westeros; We’ve seen how she is always at his side, traveling, visiting brothels, and preparing for battle. It’s very rare she’s formally dismissed from his company. For someone who isn’t even his wife in name, even if she /was/ his wife in name, it’s a very unique relationship they had. Hopefully, we will see more of Ellaria though, and learn some more. I feel like whatever they can’t show played out, the show has gotten a lot out of monologues, sometimes for the better (sometimes for the worst, wtf Mama Stark’s story about sick John Snow, where did that come from).

    But, I didn’t feel like the scene between Tyrion and Jaime took away time that could have been devoted to this couple (But I love Lannister family drama). I felt the Ramsay scenes all ended a little weird…a little too happy, and a big reward for him, like he did such a good job. I have to rewatch, because at that point, I remember his dad barely tolerating his shit, only because his plans need him. In general the Ramsay and Theon scenes I think have been hit or miss for me, mostly from book nostalgia. Theon going in was great, the guys being killed, good, the Ramsay reward from Papa Bolton, I don’t know. But I think that might be because Papa Bolton is a hard character to read?

    I don’t know how people are saying it’s a spoiler about Alayne. It just wouldn’t make sense for a girl with ONLY a relationship to Littlefinger would be a very good witness at all, compared to someone of noble birth, who is a blood relative, of a trusted ally, and one who has a good reason to hate the Lannisters (they even make a point of saying Littlefinger is Tywin’s lapdog). They delayed dying her hair brown until this point, and obviously will only know be pressing the Alayne identity in full force from this point on. I don’t think her confessing to like… three Vale nobles is a big deal. Just seemed like it was a way to simplify the Vale politics and absence of scapegoat bard, as you said.

    GREY WORM, sob. Did I need a romance story from him, no, but I won’t complain. FINALLY someone has the conversation we have all been thinking about anytime anyone ever mentions a eunuch. The only important convo you need to have about eunuchs. Jorah’s departure was inevitable, and I think handled very well. Selmy’s righteousness was really something, and I liked that he was like… “YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE WITH HER AGAIN”. I will miss Jorah and Dany’s talks (and am glad they omitted him sneaking in kisses), but I am looking forward to them being replaced with exchanges between Selmy and Dany. Pretty much very happy with Dany’s story this season…with the exception that new Daario is now not only missing his beard dye, but also his charisma.

    I think this episode had some great reaction shots. The hound and Arya right when they get to the Eyrie, their series of faces they make, was very good, Cersei’s various faces during the fight(going from grumpy cat, to pleased I have found the sunbeam cat) and Tyrion’s closing. I didn’t think it was a sad face, so much as a, “I made a huge mistake” face, or realizing the gods do have a sense of humor, and this right here is the punchline.

    — LEAVING MY HUGE RESPONSE HERE instead of on your facebook page! ONLY TWO EPISODES LEFT. But honestly, the big end moment of this episode… was dreading it all season. Especially since every scene we got with Oberyn was just better than the last.

    • My biggest beef with the Tyrion story is that *SPOILER* we’re going to get probably a thousand more monologues from him over the course of the series, so I wanted that time to be spent with people who were going to be dead in the next few minutes, lol. But I’m all for stories from the past. That’s why I loved the scene with Oberyn/Tyrion from last episode since it was all about bb Lannisters! But, you’re probably right that they would have just butchered that time to show Oberyn and Ellaria boinking or something… Sigh, a girl can dream? They just had such wonderful chemistry at the wedding and then in this final moment, I would have loved to see more moments like that, minus brothels and such, haha.

      Either way, I know she’s still heavily involved in the story from here on, so I’m looking forward to seeing who she is without Oberyn in this world. And…well, for my Sandsnakes and Arianne Martell. I love the Martells SO MUCH!

      I enjoyed the Dany/Jorah scene so much, which is probably why it was so painful, haha. Poor sad puppy Jorah. I’m looking forward to more Daario though, but I love his recast (but I also don’t really care about the blue beard and didn’t like him much in the book at all, as opposed to the show). I think he’s hot and swaggery in my opinion. But I also get double doses of him being hot and swaggery on Orphan Black, so I’m just content with him in general, haha.

      And lol, I totally agree with the Cersei face reaction. Perfect way to describe it.

      Poor Oberyn. He was just getting better and better (or technically, he was always that awesome since the first scene he filmed was the one with Tyrion last ep!) and now I’m sad. Sigh. Next week should be exciting with the battle at the Wall and then I’m assuming episode 10 is going to wrap up all the stuff with Tyrion in book 3. So, that should also be very emotional.

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