Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×07 “Mockingbird”

Now that Tyrion has declared a trial by combat for his sentencing, it all comes down to who will fight for him. He assumes, since Jaime cannot fight properly, Bronn will do him the honor, but unfortunately Bronn is a sellsword at heart and money, castles, and a semi-noble wife from Cersei is more promising than fighting for Tyrion’s life. Especially when Cersei has chosen Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain as her champion. (I love how she stepped over those dudes entrails, like no big whoop, I do this everyday, ya’ll.)

Instead, Tyrion received an unlikely visitor in the form of Oberyn Martell. He tells a story of how he and his sister Ellia visited Casterly Rock as children. Rumors spread of the ugly beast born to Tywin and Joanna Lannister, so the Martell children were curious to see him. Cersei promised him over and over again that she would show him her baby brother. And when she finally did, the Martells were disappointed to see that he did not have claws or a tail, just a slightly large head and shorter limbs. He was not as grotesque as the world made him seemed, except to Cersei. She told Oberyn and Ellia that he had killed her mother, but it didn’t matter because he wouldn’t survive long, anyway…

I just love this story from their past (and Oberyn’s delivery and Tyrion’s tearing up while hearing it!!!) so much because it speaks volumes about Cersei and Tyrion’s tangled relationship from the very moment he was born. Aside from the prophecy, which TV viewers don’t really know about, Cersei has always viewed him as a monster because their mother died giving birth to him. And to keep on living, despite taking away the person she loved most and causing their father to become cold and bitter, was an affront to Cersei. But this isn’t just to defend Tyrion, Oberyn decides to be Tyrion’s champion because it is his chance to avenge his sister against The Moutain, who raped her and murdered her children. Plus, he’s not called the “Red Viper of Dorne” for nothin’!

Also have to point out that I loved Oberyn’s line about Cersei:

“I’ve never met a Lannister who shared my fondness for killing other Lannisters.”

Daenerys had a very intriguing scene with Daario this episode. Seeing Daario now reminds me of Orphan Black and there was a VERY similar scene in this week’s Orphan Black, but also very different. A character in a place of power commanded a male character to disrobe, but it was clearly a form of abuse, where the man was very not into it…whereas Daenerys commanding Daario to disrobe was clearly a form of amusement and power with Daario being very much into it. Yay some male nudity!

But, seriously, HBO, you’re going to show a zillion scenes of girls getting raped this season and finally two pretty people want to have consensual sex and you GLOSS OVER IT? Are you kidding me? *eyeroll*

I loved seeing Captain Friendzone come to see her just as Daario was leaving though. “She’s in a good mood.” HAHA. Jorah can’t catch a break. But it’s pretty hilarious. At least he and Dany had a nice little bonding session, probably because she told him she was sending Daario far away.

I was so happy to see HOT PIE again! Hot Pie looked like Hot Pie! And with Brienne and Pod, no less. That scene was wonderful. I know a lot of the fandom is mad that Brienne was saying Sansa’s name instead of “a maid with auburn hair” and that Pod corrected her for it, but it worked in this instance, obviously. I doubt she’s going to be saying Sansa’s name anymore, however. Also, gross sobbing because Hot Pie wanting to give Arya another Direwolf bread.

And now we come to the exciting climax of the episode: Sansa Sparkles building ~snowcastles in the snoooooow~

Sansa finally grasps some peace and quiet in her life, as she smiles and builds her snow Winterfell. She’s just a regular girl again, at least for those few moments. And when her cousin Robert Arryn comes to talk to her, he tells her he’ll send any bad person she wants out of the Moon Door. That prospect it pretty darn appearling to her. I’m sure Sansa’s list is longer than Arya’s by now. Ha. Unfortunately, as children do, they start arguing about trivial things and Sansa smacks Robert.

He runs away and Littlefinger comes to be a mega creeper. I’m sure all you Sansa/Littlefinger shippers just loved what came next, but all I could do was cringe. As my friend Tino said, the scene went down like: “You were almost my daughter, but you aren’t, so fuck it!” And naturally, Lysa saw the whole thing.

She tries to throw Sansa out the Moon Door, but Littlefinger comes to try and calm her down. She stands right in front of the Moon Door…and he tells her (in the book):

“My sweet silly jealous wife, I’ve only loved one woman, I promise you.”

”Only one? Oh, Petyr, do you swear it? Only one?”

”Only Cat.”

He gave her a short, sharp shove.

(Of course, in the show, he said “your sister” and we’ll just forget about that!)

Without Marillion there as the scapegoat, I wonder how they will handle this…

Anyway, I am so excited for next week’s episode with the trial by combat! Oberyn FTW!


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2 thoughts on “Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×07 “Mockingbird”

  1. I’m also looking forward to how Peytr covers for pushing Lysa down the Moon Door’s egress.

    Lords of the Vale: Oi, what’s all this then.

    Baelish: Tis funny, really. We had a shipment of bananas from the Summer Isles, and you know how Lord Robin loves to throw things out the Moon Door like an anachronistic garbage disposal? I believe a banana peel was lying on the rim when my dear wife wished to view the valley below, as she is so often wont to do. Well, clearly her foot stepped on the peel, and that is that.

    I didn’t want Lord Robin to believe he was at fault, so to spare his feelings, I had one of the servants ejected out the Moon Door, for being responsible in some way or the other. The little lord didn’t need any other details, so I consider the matter closed.

    Lords of the Vale: Well then. Perfectly acceptable.

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