Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 11


    There’s fire where you are going.

    Some boys playing catch find Miriam, who Richard Horne thought he killed, crawling by the side of the road covered in blood. You in trouble now, Richard.

    Becky is PISSED. She’s rage screaming about Steven, her husband. Steven, who we all know is an abusive dickbag, is with another woman. She calls her mom Shelly for help because she needs her car. I love the slasher music in this scene. When Shelly arrives, Becky takes her car and tries to peel off. Shelly jumps on the hood trying to stop her. She likely saw the gun in her hand. Becky eventually throws Shelly off the hood, and Carl comes to her aid. He whistles for his VW van to come to her aid to drive her back to the Double R Diner.

    Shelly calls Norma, who suggests she call Bobby. Carl calls the station for her: “I got Shelly Briggs in the truck with me. Could you patch us through to Deputy Briggs?” Such immense joy I felt at SHELLY BRIGGS. I mean, I figured, I hoped as much.

    Becky goes to an apartment building, pounds on the door, and empties her gun into it. Steven is hiding out in a stairwell with another woman — That woman is Gersten Hayward. Donna’s little sister. She wore the pink ballerina outfit and performed a song for the Palmers way back in early Twin Peaks. Well, she’s all grown up now and making terrible choices.

    Bobby, Shelly, and Becky have a family meeting at the diner as Norma looks on worriedly. Becky is making excuses for her shitty husband. Like mother, like daughter, eh?


    Becky, we know you’re a grown, married woman. But we’re your parents. And we love you. We don’t wanna lose you.”

    Shelly bursts into tears and she and Becky reconcile and hug. But this happy family moment is short lived as Red shows up. My immense joy at Shelly Briggs was also shattered just as quickly as it appeared. Shelly’s mood changes in an instant when she sees him through the window. She runs out to see him while Bobby is left at the table like a sad, wounded puppy. He watches them smooch in eyesight… and then they quickly move out of eyesight. They agree to meet at the “same place” before Shelly returns to her family.

    I don’t think Bobby and Shelly are divorced because she seems to be wearing a ring on a necklace. I assume it’s her wedding ring. But, why, Shelly, why!? Bobby is such a good guy now, even though he’s still rocking his leather jacket. He’s grown so much. It’s just so sad to see Shelly comforting her daughter, who’s stuck in her own Leo Johnson situation, only to have her turn around and repeat those same mistakes. My extremely far-fetched theory is that Bobby has her working undercover to find out more about the Chinese designer drugs and bust that guy. But what is more likely is that she and Bobby have marital problems and are separated. Womp womp. A girl can dream that they’ll end up back together.

    Suddenly, someone starts shooting into the diner and Bobby runs out to stop it. Apparently, some little kid in a van was just playing with his dad’s gun and shooting out the window. The constant honking in this scene is so grating. I know Lynch did this on purpose because he loves using sound to make people immensely uncomfortable. He sees a similar thing in the son and the dad. Like father, like son. Perhaps Bobby recognizes how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in his own family but he’s powerless to stop what’s happening.

    Bobby also has to deal with a woman who won’t stop screaming at him and some girl who is puking. After all of that, his expression says it all: This town is fucked up. Good grief.


    Hawk has a map to show Sheriff Truman. (Fun fact: Michael Horse made the map!) It’s covered in various symbols that we recognize well. “It’s a fire symbol. A type of fire, more like modern day electricity.” We know the Black Lodge is all about that electricity. Truman points out the weird little head symbol we saw on BobCooper’s card and Briggs’s clues: “Frank, you don’t ever wanna know about that.” But, I do, Hawk! Just tell me!!! Margaret calls with another message:

    Hawk, can you hear me? Hawk, can you hear me? You found something, didn’t you? What did you find, Hawk? My log is afraid of fire. There’s fire where you are going. Hawk, there’s fire where you are going. Goodnight, Hawk.”

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    Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.07 “Gag or Throttle”


    Thanks to one of my die-hard Orphan Black friends, I’ve grown very fond of Rachel. She’s a thorn in the sestras sides for sure — and she’s done some truly awful things — but I knew there was always more to her story. And we delved deep into the Rachel psyche in this episode. We see why she is the way she is, what she truly desires in her life, and how this world has hurt her and used her for even longer than the rest of the clones we all know and love.

    We see very young Rachel paraded out to DYAD investors by Dr. Leekie, as if she’s some sort of circus act. She recites clone tag numbers, including her own (779H41), and what she believes her purpose is. We see teenage Rachel getting examined with Leekie present and him refusing to share her medical results because she’s not exempt from the experiment. “Don’t patronize me,” she tells Leekie. We see maybe an early 20s Rachel who took it upon herself to kill another Leda clone because Leekie was waiting for her to die while Rachel believed her biology was too valuable to autopsy to get more information about the disease. He looks at her with suspicion in his eyes and asks, “What are you?”

    As we know, Rachel was raised self-aware by her parents, Dr. Ethan and Susan Duncan, who she thought died in a fire. Turns out they abandoned her and gave her over to Dr. Leekie to raise. She came to see him as a father figure, even though he showed no trust and very little compassion for her. So, when her father, Ethan Duncan, returns and kills himself soon after their reunion, she’s lost yet another chance at developing a real father/daughter relationship. And when Susan Duncan returns, she does nothing but tell Rachel what a disappointment she is.

    So, along comes PT Westmoreland to tell Rachel everything she’s ever wanted to hear from a parental figure, especially a father figure: You’re amazing, you should be in charge, you’re the daughter I never had, Susan was wrong, Leekie was wrong, how could anyone have ever doubted you? The list goes on.Not only that, but he allows Rachel the freedom she’s always wanted. She’s no longer just a tag number; she’s a real person.

    You are no longer 779H41 or Neolution property. This document legally emancipates you. No more monitors. You’re free.”

    And this is why Rachel trusted PT so implicitly, why she was so enlightened and happy in the beginning of this season, why she no longer needed to control Ferdinand through their sexual encounters. Sex with Ferdinand was the only thing she could control in her life; the only place where no one was watching her or making demands of her or making her feel like a test subject.

    But she didn’t need that anymore. She not only had freedom, she had a fatherly presence that put her in charge, believed in her, and seemed to love her for who she is. Rachel’s not so complicated: she just wanted someone to love her.

    But all this comes crashing down. Hard and fast.

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    Stephanie Watches Orphan Black: 5.06 “Manacled Slim Wrists”


    Krystal is back — FINALLY! She’s got a friend this time — and a beauty vlog with more than 50,000 subscribers! Omg! But while celebrating their vlog success, they discover poor Brie’s hair is falling out. What’s the culprit in Krystal’s opinion?

    She’s been poisoned. By Big Cosmetics! What about that is confusing?”

    So, she goes to Art and Scott for help in taking down Big Cosmetics. But unbeknownst to Krystal, she’s stumbled across something real. As per usual. Art reaches out to Sarah for help in this. Krystal really doesn’t like Sarah and Brie doesn’t seem surprised to see another person that looks like Krystal. But she probably has those same blinders are Krystal and doesn’t even notice Sarah looks the same.

    “Is she actually necessary because she’s SO rude! Every single time.”

    Krystal has a contact named Leonard Sipp, who is the CEO of Bluezone Cosmetics. Len Sipp recently sold his company to a DYAD subsidiary the previous week. So, hey, Krystal is onto something!

    “Did Krystal just fall ass backwards into something big again?”

    They want to set a meeting up with Krystal’s ‘deep throat’ (“So what my deep throat is totally hot, get over it.”) with Sarah as Krystal. S and Art don’t think that’s a good idea and neither does Krystal.

    You and that Australian girl are gonna mess the whole thing up.”

    Krystal sneaks away as Brie seduces Scott with stripping and flirting so she can do her own plan. She puts on a sexy, slinky dress as Art and Sarah watch from the car outside on a surveillance set to coach her. Sarah, of course, has dressed up as Krystal but we don’t even get to see the outfit she put together. I’m so curious!


    Len shows up — and it’s Tatiana’s real life boyfriend, Tom Cullen! Yay! (After seeing them in The Other Half together, I was super excited since that was both of them in super duper serious, emotional roles… and this is definitely not that.) Krystal gets a bit distracted and starts making out with him hardcore. Who can blame her? He’s very good looking. Art and Sarah try to steer her back on track. She blurts out that he sold his company to DYAD and tries to get even more information out of him.

    He is such a liar. He doesn’t even like my vlog.”

    With the help of Scott getting some information from Brie, Sarah and Art relay that Brie stole some experimental cream from Len’s party and that’s why her hair was falling out. Len finds it in Brie’s cosmetics bag and confronts Krystal. He calls her stupid — so she kicks him in the balls. She puts those personal training sessions to good use. Since the cream is a dermal application, Sarah wonders if they’re planning on putting LIN-28A (the mutation in Kira that heals her) in it but all it does right now is make hair fall out. So, Krystal rubs it ALL OVER HIS BEARD. You go, girl. Continue reading