Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 2.04 “Laura’s Secret Diary”


    Miscommunication sometimes leads to arguments, and arguments sometimes lead to fights. Anger is usually present in arguments and fights. Anger is an emotion, usually classified as a negative emotion. Negative emotions can cause severe problems in our environment and to the health of our body. Happiness, usually classified as a positive emotion, can bring good health to our body, and spread positive vibrations into our environment. Sometimes when we are ill, we are not on our best behavior. By ill, I mean any of the following: physically ill, emotionally ill, mentally ill, and/or spiritually ill.”

    This episode opens with a classic David Lynch style shot. We’re uncomfortably close to an object that we don’t recognize, gradually pulling back until it becomes clearer and clearer. If you’ve seen Blue Velvet, you’ll recognize this camera trick immediately — it happens in Fire Walk with Me and Mulholland Drive, as well I believe. What we’ve seen in this shot is a close-up shot of the holes in the ceiling at the police station from Lelend’s point of view. He’s in custody for killing Jacques. He admits to it and blames his actions on how devastated he was about Jacques killing Laura. Or so he thinks. Harry asks why Leland thinks Jacques is the killer. “You arrested him,” Leland answers.

    A judge is coming to town to rule of Leland getting bail. He grants it after making a dramatic speech with lightning flickering throughout the room. Another discovery Coop made is that no one named Robertson ever lived in a cabin next door to Leland’s family growing up. So they don’t know how to account for him recognizing BOB.

    Meanwhile, Andy wants to do another “sperms” test and runs into Lucy on the way to fill his cup, arms full of Fleshworld magazines. They spill onto the ground and Andy has no idea how to respond. Lucy only hmphs in response. Once he’s made his deposit, he further bumbles everything by dropping it in the lobby and the cup scatters across the floor. While sticking his booty in the air to try and get it out from under a chair, Coop notices the bottom of his boot. 

    Andy says he got his boots from the One-Armed Man, Mike. It’s the same brand as an imprint that was found at Leo and Shelly’s place. The Giant told Coop that there was another clue, so assumes Mike and Leo might be connected now. Especially after finding the syringe in the bathroom last episode. Continue reading

    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: 2.03 “The Man Behind the Glass”


    Letters are symbols. They are building blocks of words, which form our languages. Languages help us communicate. Even with complicated languages used by intelligent people, misunderstanding is a common occurrence. We write things down sometimes – letters, words – hoping they will serve us and those with whom we wish to communicate. Letters and words, calling out for understanding.”

    As the last episode ended with Ronette having a nightmare about BOB, Coop and Harry decide to look under her fingernail. They find a B that wasn’t there when she was initially brought in. Which means BOB put it there recently and even messed with her IV.

    They discover that the letters under the girls’ fingernails were cut out from Fleshworld magazine, the one that all the girls had ads in, that Leo’s truck and cabin was seen it, etc.

    Sarah Palmer reported that Maddy has seen the man (BOB) in different forms, such as dreams and visions. Leland shows up after having seen the flyer at the Great Northern and says he knows the man. He tells Coop and Harry about the man at the cabin where he used to visit: the Robertson cabin. Leland says the man would say, “Hey, you wanna play with fire, little boy?” With a B, T, and R, they put the fingernail letters together and decide this is what the man was trying to spell.

    Albert and Harry have an altercation regarding the case since Albert enjoys making fun of the town and its citizens so much, and Albert delivers a glorious speech:

    While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the fact of the matter is I’m merely a naysayer and hatchet man in the fight against violence. I pride myself in taking a punch and would gladly take another because I choose to live my life in the company of Ghandi and King. My concerns are global. I reject absolutely revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. I love you, Sheriff Truman.”

    I ship it.

    We learn a little bit more about Laura’s friend Harold, who is agoraphobic. He gives Donna an orchid he grew in his greenhouse to put on Laura’s grave. She just wants to understand her best friend better. Her relationships with people like Harold and James are causing her to feel like she didn’t know her at all. When really, Laura was just protecting her from her world.

    At the diner, Maddy and James are getting cuddly and sitting on the same side in a booth with no one else at the table — one of the worst things you can ever do in a restaurant (as ruled by Judge John Hodgman).  Continue reading

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    As above, so below. The human being finds himself, or herself, in the middle. There is as much space outside the human, proportionately, as inside. Stars, moons, and planets remind us of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Is there a bigger being walking with all the stars within? Does our thinking affect what goes on outside us, and what goes on inside us? I think it does. Where does creamed corn figure into the workings of the universe? What really is creamed corn? Is it a symbol for something else?”

    While having breakfast with Albert (RIP Miguel Ferrer 🙁 ) at the Great Northern, Cooper learns that Windom Earle, his former partner, has vanished. He looks particularly alarmed by this. And the camera pans over to an Asian businessman, also looking rather suspicious that no one seems to notice. Hmm. Is this Windom? (It’s not, just getting that out of the way, hahaha. Although he is a master of disguise, which you will come to know and love.)

    Donna has taken over Laura’s Meals on Wheels route. Her first stop is with an old lady and her grandson, who bears a similar resemblance to David Lynch — at least, he’s wearing a suit and has some Lynchian hair going on. (A quick Google search tells me this kid is Lynch’s son. Ha!) This meeting likely seems inconsequential at the time and even incredibly bizarre. The old woman looks at the food Donna brought and is upset by its contents.“Creamed corn? Do you see creamed corn on that plate? I requested no creamed corn. Do you see creamed corn on that plate?”


    When Donna looks again, the creamed corn is suddenly in the little boy’s hands and it appears as though he takes it into himself. This is so freaking significant but I won’t spoil to those of you who don’t get it or haven’t seen Fire Walk With Me — which you better not watch until you finish the series. Just know these two AND the creamed corn are extremely significant parts of this mythos. Anyway. “My grandson is studying magic,” she tells Donna with a bemused smile. They discuss Laura and the woman doesn’t seem to know much about her, but doesn’t seem to want to look Donna in the eye either. Regardless, she suggests she speak to their neighbor, Harold Smith. He was friends with Laura but never leaves the house. Before Donna leaves, the little boy says, “I am a lonely soul” in French. Bizarre, eh? So, Donna slips a note under Harold’s door when he won’t answer.

    At the hospital, Harry and Coop show Ronette a few sketches of possible suspects. When she sees the one of BOB, mocked up from Sarah Palmer’s description, she has a fit and starts fighting an invisible force, mumbling the word “train” over and over again. Before they do this, however, there is a drawn-out scene of Harry and Coop trying to adjust their chairs and making very loud noises. It’s so dumb and hilarious and apparently wasn’t even scripted. Lynch just kept it in, likely because it’s such a brilliant contrast to their serious investigative work. Continue reading