Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×06 “A Fractured House”


Agents of SHIELD continues to fool me with happy things and then hurts me again.

HYDRA is masquerading as SHIELD and murdering people of the UN with their fancy disintegrating weapons (I can never remember the official names, so I make up my own!). Talbot witnesses this and goes to talk to Ward’s older brother, who is a Senator. He’s now proposed a bill to kill every SHIELD agent on sight. Yay!

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Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #8


Return to Sunnydale, Part 1

In this spoopy (yes, spoopy!) Halloween-themed issue of Buffy, the gang discovers the Vampyr book has been stolen! And by none other than their so-called buddy Andrew. So, Willow does a locator spell, which leads them back to crater that was once their hometown of Sunnydale.

They find people partying it up, likely drawn to the energy of the place. Sure, they closed the Hellmouth, but there’s likely so much residual power!

We also learn the story of a Cthulu-like monster that lived happily ever after killing and maiming and eating humans with his Cthulu-wife, until one day a Slayer came to town and killed his wife and released his captive humans. Now obviously he is bent on revenge against ALL Slayers.

And he’s waiting for Buffy at the Hellmouth. Oh goodie!

But what the heck is Andrew doing? We see him head to his old lair that he shared with Jonathan and, ugh, Warren. And from the outsiders perspective, it looks like Andrew wants to raise his buddies from the dead…

But Andrew has other plans.

Pick up your copy from Dark Horse or your local comic book shop!


I love covers like this! But don’t let it fool you because Clem was totally not in this issue. But maybe he’ll show up in Part 2?

Stephanie Cosplays Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy


Rocket was a very last minute whim of a costume after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, it was semi-planned since Nick was putting Starlord together, but due to time constraints before DragonCon, I chose to make the prison outfit since it was easier than the others. And I had intended to make all of it myself, but the fabric store (which needs a location in Lakeview, already, ughhh) didn’t have any good fur, so I ended up buying ears and a tail.

My sewing machine actually cooperated (gasp), so I was able to make the top and pants pretty easily too. Hopefully next time we do these costumes, I’ll have had time to make the burgundy bodysuit outfit! We shall see! Either way, this costume was ridiculously fun to wear. We mostly encountered kid fans, which was cool. And everyone shouted “I need that guy’s leg!” at me as walked. Super fun and silly.

Top: I traced a tank top to use as the pattern. My fabric was not stretchy though, so the top didn’t fit all that well.

Pants: Again, I traced some sweatpants to use as a pattern. Probably wasn’t the best idea since that method and the lack of stretchiness made it hard to keep them up. My pants lacked a butt, haha.

Ears and Tail: Bought from amazon.

Bandit Mask: Also bought from amazon.

Fangs: Used some silly small vampire fangs. I thought it was a fun addition to the costume.

That Guy’s Leg: Surprise prop present to Nick from Jerry of Blackleaf Creative. It was a pefect prop to carry around in this costume! Thanks, Jerry!









Photo credit to iPhones and Atlanta Fashion Police.
Nick as Starlord
Starlord Helmet by WM Armory 
Laura as Marvin


Stephanie Reads Joss Whedon: The Biography


Everyone should know by now that Buffy the Vampire Slayer will forever be my favorite show. And I’ve loved every other thing Joss Whedon has made after that: Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Serenity Dollhouse, The Cabin in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, Agents of SHIELD, Avengers, etc.

Many of us live and breathe his works, whether lifelong fans of his shows or newer fans that have been introduced to him thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But I wanted to go deeper and explore the background of the almighty creator that is Joss Whedon. And with Joss Whedon’s Biography by Amy Pascale, I got all that and much more.

The book offered a plethora of fascinating information. Joss attended Wesleyan with Michael Bay and both showed their first ever films together. Joss’s was, unsurprisingly, about a girl who unwittingly takes a vampire as her date to prom. This idea eventually evolved into Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“The idea came from seeing too many blondes walking into dark alleyways and being killed. I wanted, just once, for her to fight back and kick his ass.”


As I read, I saw the influence of his early life throughout his future work. For example, he went to a British boarding school and much of his experience there led to the personality of Rupert Giles and the Watcher’s Council in Buffy.

“Tony Head came in, and I think every single person in the room had made a note that was just a drawing of a heart.”

Growing up, he was extremely close to his mother, until he lost her to a brain aneurysm. He poured that emotion into Joyce Summers. And thus, he created one of the most heart-wrenching, pivotal episodes of Buffy as a kind of homage to his mother and to those first few hours after someone dies where it feels like there’s “no solution, catharsis, or anything…the almost-boredom.”


He also spent his childhood devouring comic books and becoming fascinated by the female roles within them. He had “an almost unseemly fascination with these women and, at the same time, a desire to empower and protect them so they could in turn empower and protect me.” I doubt any kid ever believes that they’ll someday be in charge of an entire franchise, especially one as huge as Marvel. But Joss has taken all of these stories and weaved them together seamlessly, while injecting his own signature humor in those characters he loves. Avengers is a Marvel venture, sure, but it is very much a Joss movie at the same time.


Some of the most fascinating aspects for me in the book were all the details of how hard he fought for his projects, the collaboration process with other wrtiers and people (did you know that Tom Cruise was instrumental in getting Cabin in the Woods made?), and the for-life bonds he forms with his casts and crew. If you’re in the Whedon family, you’re in it for life. So many of his cast and crew have participated in multiple projects–and I love it!

But I especially loved all the little filming details and quotes from actors and actresses (especially Sarah Michelle Gellar, of course) about the Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse process. Most of those shows were made before things like Twitter were around, so this book offered a nice behind-the-scenes look at what I may have missed out on. (But I’m definitely getting a huge heaping of that with Agents of SHIELD now, yay!)

It’s also fascinating to be part of this Whedon fandom that has grown so exponetionally over the past couple years. Part of me is an old grump wondering where all these people were when Firefly and Dollhouse were getting canceled, but I hope that they will help keep Agents of SHIELD alive. And I hope Joss continues to create more awesome TV shows and movies.


There is a reason why many wear shirts of “Joss Whedon is My Master Now” or something to that effect. Because he creates such vivid worlds and relatable characters that stay with you for life. Buffy Summers is my homegirl and my inspiration and she will be for life. If you want a deeper look into Joss’s life, his process, and how everything came to be from Buffy to the Avengers, you should definitely check out the biography. It was an extremely fun read that I could barely put down. Every morsel of information I could soak up was important to me and just enhances my view of all of his works.

Pick it up from Amazon!

Now for a few of my favorite random tidbits from the book:

  • The network wanted to call Buffy the Vampire Slayer just “Slayer.” But Joss said that “each word was crucial to understanding the show. One of them is funny, one is scary, one is action.”
  • In regards to the episode Normal Again: “Let’s end it at the asylum…let’s fuck with them!”
  • In regards to the Angel finale: “The last thing you will see of Angel is the last thing you should see. Angel is about redemption and redemption is ongoing.”
  • “I realized the other day, that I have this terrible reputation for killing people, not just because I killed Tara, but because I was such a dick about it. [Adding her to the credits] was just mean. Tara may be dead, but she haunts me still, because now all anybody ever talks about is the fact I kill characters off, and I think, ‘I do others things as well!'”


Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×04 “Face My Enemy”


Finally, a somewhat happy-go-lucky episode! Well, it had a lot of laughs anyway because May is the best.

Coulson and May are on a mission to retrieve a 500-year-old painting with the same strange alien language as the obelisk carved into the back of it. They pose as a married couple and May has a fantabulous sparkly dress on. Throughout the mission, they dance together and May laughs and flirts and chats people up, which horrifies the entire group on comms.



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