Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Season 3 Part 1 & Part 2


    I will preface this by saying I love the new Twin Peaks. It is bizarre, terrifying, and I have no idea what’s happening. I can’t wait to see what unfolds as more pieces of this 18-hour movie are revealed. It is David Lynch at his most untethered. Not everyone will like it but I believe if you keep an open mind and let the story unfold, you will enjoy getting lost on this wild ride.

    The opening title focuses on Laura Palmer, the Snoqualmie Falls, and the Black Lodge. And it’s a bit shorter. But the music and font are the same.

    We open on a black and white scene of the Giant and Cooper in the Lodge. Many cryptic messages are received, but I’d say the most important is:

    Remember 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds one stone.”

    Dr. Jacobi lives in what looks like a trailer in the woods. He gets some shovels delivered. Hmm.


    Yes, we are going to spend a lot of time not in Twin Peaks this season. Our first stop is New York City. A young man sits and watches an empty glass box, cameras surrounding it. His job is to watch and change the tapes when they run out. His lady friend Tracey brings him two lattes (with a “Z” on each cup). He can’t let her in but she tries to peek at the security code.

    Top secret.”
    “Oooh. Now I’m so curious, you’re driving me crazy.”
    “You’re a bad girl, Tracey.”
    “Try me.”

    There’s a lot of silence in these glass box scenes. They’re long, drawn out and uncomfortable. Silence, in general, can be uncomfortable. It gives these scenes an anxious feeling. We’re waiting. We know something is going to happen but what?


    The next night Tracey visits and brings two lattes, all the security guards are gone. Notice she also has a “Z” brooch on her blazer. What could that mean? The young man checks the bathroom to make sure they’re alone. “Let’s not overthink this opportunity,” she tells him. He brings her into the room and explains that an anonymous billionaire funds this glass box and he’s supposed to watch the box for something to appear. As they innocently sip their lattes and watch the glass box, it doesn’t take long for glass box and chill to happen.

    As they’re having sex, the glass box grows dark and then something appears inside… Some kind of white, ghostly, alien-like figure. It breaks through the glass and attacks them, brutally scratching their faces. Blood is everywhere but the couple remains perfectly still and silent throughout the attack.


    Ben is still running the Great Northern. And his goofy brother Jerry has not only grown a giant beard but also is now growing and selling weed. Nice.


    R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect. She’s a beautiful soul. And she’s married.”
    “That never stopped you before.”

    I mean, Jerry’s right, Ben. You’ve always been a dirty old man. But props to you if you’re still trying to change. Maybe getting punched into the fireplace by Doc Hayward did you some good.

    Lucy is still adorable and ditzy. She establishes that there are two Sheriff Trumans: one is sick and the other is fishing. This is likely to account for the lack of Harry S. Truman this season. A disappointment for sure, but Robert Forester plays his brother and (spoiler alert) is great.

    And then we meet BOBCooper, accompanied by very scary music. BOBCooper wears leather jackets and snakeskin shirts, has long hair, is kind of greasy and tan all over, and beats the shit out of people. He’s also got a whole new crop of seedy comrades. It’s hard to remember that it’s been 25 years since BOBCooper was unleashed on the world. He’s had a lot of time to get up to a lot of shenanigans.

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    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Part 3)


    Sunday – Four Days Before

    Donna is SUPER DUPER hungover and barely remembers the previous night. “Life is full of mysteries, Donna…” Laura then very vaguely explains why she freaked out about Donna wearing her shrug. “I don’t want you to wear my stuff… I don’t want you to be like me.” In her warped sense of reality, if Donna wears her things, she might slowly become her or maybe be a target for BOB? Leland comes to pick her up and as he sees Donna and Laura hugging, he suddenly sees Ronette and Laura in their underwear on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. Bwuhhhh?

    As Leland and Laura drive through the tree-lined roads of Washington, an RV is honking and swerving around behind them. As they pull up to a light, an elderly man is crossing the street at an excruciatingly slow pace. The RV is still driving erratically. “Dad, is the engine on fire? It smells like something’s burning.” Do you perhaps smell engine oil? Hmmm…

    The One-Armed Man comes up and starts screaming at them. “It’s him! It’s your father!” Leland is pressing on the gas. Laura is screaming. Everything is VERY LOUD and disorienting. David Lynch loves using deafening sound to stress the viewers out as much as the characters. Leland drives off to a gas station, clearly troubled but he can’t put it into words.

    Then, we have a flashback to Leland with a copy of Fleshworld calling Teresa Banks. He makes a plan with her and then sleeps with her. “Teresa Banks, you look just like my Laura.” First of all, gross. Second of all, I don’t really see the resemblance except the blond hair and red lips. Anyway, he asks Teresa to arrange a meeting with her girlfriends.

    Dad? Who was that? He looked familiar! Have I met him?”
    “No, you haven’t, have you met him? … A man comes out of the blue like that? What’s the world coming to?”

    Leland goes to meet Teresa and her girlfriends but has to leave when he realizes Laura is one of them. He pays Teresa anyway and, as he’s walking away, the grandson comes out and starts jumping around the parking lot.


    MP: “The guy split but I got the money,” Teresa tells Ronette and Laura. The three girls cuddle on the bed, which is pretty cute actually. Teresa moves her hair out of her face. She’s wearing the green ring. Laura is strangely hypnotized by it.

    Teresa calls Jacques to ask what Ronette and Laura’s fathers look like, as Jacques told them during the party scene. She realizes that’s why Leland ran away, so I believe she plans to blackmail him for what she knows to get even more out of him. But Leland’s demeanor changes as he heads to see her. He smashes her TV (the opening scene of the film) and then beats her death, wraps her in plastic, and dumps her body.

    Tuesday – Two Days Before

    MP: “Don’t forget! It’s Johnny’s Horne’s birthday today,” Leland tells Sarah and Laura. Sarah kind of rolls her eyes and mocks him, “Don’t forget.” At the sheriff station, Hawk and Andy see Harry to report about the drugs coming in from Canada. It’s a cute little scene showing Andy’s silly incompetence.

    Uh oh, Laura’s out of coke! The true tragedy of this film. She and Bobby go out into the woods for Bobby’s big score. They’re both super drunk and super high, which is a great condition to be in for a drug deal. But it is nice to see Laura all silly and giggly. The guy that meets them is the same deputy that Chet beat up to get to Sheriff Cable. He has a big bag of “coke” for them and gets a gun out. Bobby shoots the guy a good three times before he can shoot him. They’re both in shock and Bobby attempt to bury him by tossing bits of dirt onto his body. This scene is hilarious. And Laura can’t stop laughing, which is infuriating Bobby, but only making Laura laugh harder. Pro-tip: you don’t want these two helping you in a crisis.

    Bobby, you killed Mike!
    “This isn’t fuckin’ Mike! …Is this Mike?”

    For the record, no, Bobby did not kill Mike. But also good riddance to that dude since he was mean to my boy Chet. Continue reading

    Stephanie Watches Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Part 2)


    Part 2: Laura Palmer 

    Thursday – Seven Days Before

    We get our first glimpse of the girl that started it all: Laura Palmer. She’s alive. Wrapped in 90s plaid and sweaters. She meets Donna – who is played by the adorable Moira Kelly since LFB thought this version was a little too scandalous for her tastes – and they walk to school together.

    Missing Piece (MP): Bobby and Mike discuss the coke they got and all the money they owe Leo. They have a little argument, calling each other Sonny and Snake. I would have skipped this one but Sonny and Snake! I love it.

    Laura gets to school and does some coke in the bathroom. As you do. She meets James in the locker room at school. I do not understand what all these chicks see in James. But I guess James is in love with her, and she’s using him for some sort of emotional fulfillment since he’s the only person not really using her for sex, I guess. But they end up boinking, anyway. This is clearly not the Twin Peaks you know because there is *gasp* NUDITY!

    “Quit trying to hold on to me. I’m gone. Long gone, like a turkey in the corn.”
    “You’re not a turkey. A turkey is of the dumbest birds in the world.”
    “Gobble… gobble.”


    When she’s done with James, Bobby confronts Laura outside the school, demanding to know where she’s been. “Standing right behind you but you’re too dumb to turn around.” After Laura tells him to get lost, Bobby warns her that he might not be around for her anymore. That terrifies Laura because he’s her coke supplier and boyfriend. She just smiles at him and puts him back in a good mood. And then he dances away. I love love love his stupid dance with the song, “A Real Indication” playing in the background. How is Bobby the popular cool guy? He’s SUCH a dork. If Laura was prom queen, does that mean Bobby was prom king?

    Faster and faster. For a long time, you wouldn’t feel anything. And then you’d burst into fire. Forever… And the angels wouldn’t help you… Because they’ve all gone away.”

    Laura goes home to write in her secret diary. But she discovers – much to her horror – that many of the pages she’s written about BOB have been ripped out. I love the overpowering ripping sound effect here.

    MP: Sarah Palmer comes home with groceries, and Laura helps her by taking her cigarette. Laura says she has to go out and get some books from school. As Laura’s on her way out, Sarah reminds her she still has her cigarette. “You will never be a smoker if you don’t start. I mean it.” Whoops!

    Laura speeds over to Harold’s and tells him about her discovery. She knows BOB did it, and she asks Harold to hide her diary for her in case he wants to steal more information from her. No one knows about Harold. He’s safe. And then she smooches him a bit. This is sadly the last time Harold saw Laura. And well, we know what happened to him. What a sad, sad life for that horticulturist.

    BOB is real. He’s been having me since I was 12. And the diary was hidden too well. There is no other person who could have known where it was. He comes in through my window at night. He’s real. He’s getting to know me now. He speaks to me. He says he wants to be me or he’ll kill me…. Fire walk with me.”

    MP: When Laura gets home, Sarah confronts her about where she really went. Laura lies more and says she had to see Bobby. “Oh, honey, you don’t have to lie to me ever. You can tell me anything. I will understand.” If only she could tell her mom the abuse she’s been suffering for years.

    MP: Leland stomps into the dining room, pretending to be a lumberjack and shouts out silly things. Sarah and Laura are rolling their eyes about his ridiculousness, especially as he starts speaking Norwegian. He wants them to learn how to say hello, how are you, my name is Leland Palmer. “But my name isn’t Leland Palmer.” They all hold hands and speak the Norwegian phrases together and laugh a bunch. It’s incredibly cute and upsetting to see them acting as a normal family. I love seeing more interactions between them but it’s tragic when we know what’s coming in just a few days. Continue reading