Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×17 “The Team”


    Daisy and Lincoln call Yoyo and Joey into helping them (poor Joey was on a hot date, about to bring a guy back to his place) save everyone from the HYDRA base. For the first time, Daisy is leading her team of Secret Warrior. Woo!

    For one reason or another, each of us has been given a gift. Let’s put them to good use.”

    Everyone on the SHIELD team is doing their best to fight back against the HYDRA soldiers and Medusa-eyes Inhuman dude, while the Secret Warriors take the base, splitting up and using their powers to take out the HYDRA soldiers. Lincoln secures Malick, Daisy secures the ship, and Joey kills Medusa-eyes Inhuman. Eek!

    Hive is the opposite of worried that they all got away. “Now we have one on the inside.” Uhhh, you just mean Malick, right? RIGHT?

    At least Mack and Yoyo reunite. His Spanish is getting better, while she’s been learning more English. It’s pretty adorable. (Although I still kind of ship Daisy/Mack — aka anyone but Lincoln.) He’s telling Yoyo that SHIELD does its best not to kill and that most of the weapons only knock people out. Except these specific things that kill people, let’s linger on those because there’s no way they’ll come back in the episode.

    Coulson interrogates Malick, and he’s ready to Hulk out on him for killing Rosalind, but Malick’s pretty defeated and broken. He’s lost his daughter and his HYDRA god that he spent all his life trying to find turned out to be terrible, evil, etc. Malick puts the idea in Coulson’s head that Hive can infect the Inhumans. That four of them were near him in the base and any of them could be infected by his brainwashing abilities. Coulson starts to question the Inhumans, and Hive gets what he wants: mistrust sowed among the SHIELD team and the Inhumans, who are supposed to be part of SHIELD.  Continue reading

    Stephanie Goes to C2E2 2016


    This C2E2 was a bit different for me this year. I didn’t stay at the hotel, I only cosplayed on Saturday, and I was covering it for Retail Merchandiser, the magazine where I’m editor in chief. Friday was mainly spent running around taking photos for the magazine, meeting up with certain brands (like Valiant Comics), and hanging out with Wisconsin friends (the Long Con dudes mainly). A good chunk of Friday, Missy and I got an amazing seat at the Hyatt bar/restaurant, where we just people-watched all the different cosplayers, drank beer, and ate delicious food for a few hours.

    Saturday was a bit more exciting because it was Chloe Bennet (Skye/Daisy from Agents of SHIELD) photo-op day! Missy and I wore our Jemma Simmons and Daisy costumes. We even got Starbucks with our character names on the cups because we are that level of dork awesome. 

    Nick and Bradford joined us for the photo-op. Chloe spotted me from afar and said, “Ohhhh I see season 2 Daisy!” So, that was already exciting. We got on either side of her and she was super excited about our costumes. And naturally, Nick had to hold a HYDRA patch over her head, ha. After the photo, she even noticed that I had the Sorel boots and we mused about how hard it is to kick ass in them and wear them for many, many hours. She asked how I knew which ones to get and I said, Ann Foley told me! (AoS’s costume designer.) And then we gushed about Ann, naturally.

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    Stephanie Watches Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3×16 “Paradise Lost”

    Throughout the episode, we get flashbacks of Malick and his brother back when they were teenagers. There’s a ritual where everyone draws a stone to see who goes into the portal to find the Inhuman; something that’s been passed down in Malick’s family for generations, it seems. A visit to Daniel Whitehall (yay!) in prison reveals that it might not be a coincidence that their father never was selected to go into the portal. In fact, Malick’s father had a secret white stone he would switch out, hidden in a Paradise Lost book. (Hey, that’s the name of the episode!) The stone had a notch in it, so his dad would know never to select that one inside the bag of stones. Malick and his brother vow to be better dudes than their dad. Of course, Malick isn’t a good dude and only pretends to toss the notched stone into the pond. And, as a result, at the next choosing ceremony, his brother ends up going into the portal.

    You said you killed him.”
    “Well, you didn’t kill him hard enough.”

    SHIELD and co. are pretty sure that “It” (aka Hive) has taken over Ward’s body rather than Ward somehow being alive again. Fitz and Simmons saw firsthand what the creature on the planet can do. “We know It destroyed an entire civilization over there. Who knows what it might have planned here.”

    After some research as to why Malick was so interested in Transia, they discover that Transia has a subsidiary company that deals with pesticides, GMOs, etc. And just recently, a military force took control of that branch, so they’re gonna check it out. Continue reading