Stephanie Cosplays Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Natasha Romanoff – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cons: None yet!

Status: Active

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier on opening day with my buddy Nick in a mall in St. Louis. When we left the theater, we were clearly paranoid that HYDRA agents would be after us as we ran around the mall. And thus, our desires to do the “incognito” versions of Cap and Black Widow were born! (We’ve already done the previous versions of them. Check that out here.)

I really love Natasha’s hair in this movie. (I feel like I may be in the minority with this opinion.) So, I wanted to put this costume together for fun because sometimes you don’t really want to put on a body suit and tactical gear, but still be in costume. And I had the wedge sneakers already. They’re not exactly the same as hers, but they work.


Costume Details

Wig: Purchased, cut, parted down the middle, and straightened from Epic Cosplay. I love their wigs and how they have an enormous skin top, so I can style the part any way.

T-shirt: Dark green top from H&M.

Hoodie: Striped hoodie from Roxy.

Jacket: Borrowed from Kelsey.

Pants: Black jeans from Express. (Hers are more bluish, but none of my skinny jeans really fit the bill or they have some wacky zipper doodad on them.)

Wedge Sneakers: Old; from Target.

Hawkeye Necklace: Purchased from Etsy shop.

Thanks to Kelsey for being my photog!










Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #9


In the previous issue of the Scoobies’ return to Sunnydale, we found out that Andrew wasn’t trying to resurrect his evil pal Warren, but actually trying to bring Tara back to life.

While Buffy and Spike fight off the Cthulhu demon and Giles researches how to stop it, Willow follows the trail of Andrew until she realizes what he’s actually doing. She tracks him down inside the Sunnydale crater, the spell already in progress. She begs him to stop but he doesn’t understand why. With the ability to write any rule of magic or make anything happen with the book, he doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t fix his mistakes.

But after seeing what bringing Buffy back from the dead did to her, Willow won’t let him. Tara’s been gone for so much longer than Buffy was and Willow doesnn’t want to rip her from whatever heavenly dimension she’s in. I think this shows so much character progression for Willow. Season 6 and probably even season 7 Willow would have jumped at this chance to get Tara back because that Willow was so much more selfish and didn’t care about the consequences of her magic. But this Willow has seen too much and knows now what her power can do, not only to herself, but to the world around her.

Andrew, however, is still learning. He feels like no matter what he does to help the gang, he will never be part of the gang. Even though people like Willow and Spike are murderers but still accepted, he’s not. So, he thought by bringing Tara back to Willow, he would finally have a place in the Scoobies. Aw.

Other random things:

  • Buffy is wearing a really long scarf while she is fighting. That doesn’t seem safe or practical.
  • Teen Giles is wearing a robe covered in dinosaurs, so he continues to be my fav.
  • Spike and Buffy have a really touching conversation. <3 (This is coming from a Bangel fangirl.)

So, do Buffy and Spike ever defeat the beast? Does Andrew go through with his plan?

Pick up issue #9 to find out!


Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×10 “What We Become”


The midseason finale for Agents of SHIELD did not disappoint. No, instead it left me partly astounded, partly devastated. But an insane amount of important things happened and many mysteries were solved. Mega spoilers ahead!

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Stephanie Cosplays: 2014 Outtakes


Another great year of conventions is over.  This year I went to my very first Dragon Con! There are so many silly pictures that we take in the process of getting the good ones–and those are really the ones to remember.

Here’s a look back at the 2014 Convention Season through some silly cosplay and convention photos, featuring many of my favorite people.

Warning: Image Heavy!


10368886_10202693664405282_3176014936264919629_o\ 10560563_10203178435395886_9219848559176437852_o











 See you in the 2015 con year!

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Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×09 “Ye Who Enter Here”


This episode started off with a trademark Whedon dream montage. Skye running barefoot through the Playground in a pretty sundress. Remind you of anyone? Buffy in “Restless”? River in “Objects in Space”? Aw yeah. Also, probably supposed to symbolize her connection to Raina since this was a Raina heavy episode. But I will forever associate her with Buffy since she and Coulson have such a Buffy/Giles relationship.

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Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×08 “The Things We Bury”


This week’s episode was overwhelming! Something that this show does right is pacing. They aren’t dragging anything out and just getting right to it. Giving us more and more information to connect all the mysterious dots every week.

This week we learned all about the origin of Daniel Whitehall by way of Bobbi interrogating Bakshi. He let slip that he had deep ties to the Red Skull, leading everyone to do some Scooby Gang style research.

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Stephanie Cosplays Merrill from Dragon Age


Merrill – Dragon Age

Cons: DragonCon 2014

Status: Active

All of my friends have amazing Dragon Age costumes and tell me about all the fantastic times they have with the DA group at DragonCon, so I wanted to join the fun, especially for my first DragonCon!

Naturally, I had eight months to work on this, so I waited until July to finish it. 8D This ended up being a pretty stressful, time consuming project since my sewing machine blows and my leg guards aka platypi ended up breaking as soon as I tried walking in them and my chain mail also just turned to shreds. SIGH. So, there are some things that need to be redone. But all in all, I think it turned out pretty good for the time I wore it.

I had a great time with the Dragon Age group at DragonCon and had fun in my first ever parade experience! And we all looked awesome at our big photoshoot!

Costume Details

Tunic: I made a pattern for this. First time ever making my own pattern. Yikes. I didn’t add as much detail to the front of the tunic as I would have liked, but it took me about ten hours to hand sew the trim on the bodysuit (again, a new sewing machine would solve this insane process), so I just didn’t have time for the rest. I secured everything with elastic at the top and sides and shower curtain rings that I painted gold.

Scarf: I found some great flowery yellow fabric and cut it into a perfect square to use as my scarf. Literally the easiest thing I have ever made. Yay!

Bodysuit: I bought a bodysuit from amazon to work as my base.

Chainmail: My homie Josh made a pattern for me from my bodysuit and I used silver net fabric to give it a chainmail effect. This worked in theory… But ended up ripping to shreds when I actually put it on at the con. I blame the hurrying because I put it on just fine at home. Oh well, looked fine without it. (But I am a perfectionist!)

Fur Shoulders: I used shoulder pads as the base and built the fur pieces around that so they would be naturally shaped that way. And more handsewing!

Arm/Leg Guards: I made patterns and cut out the bases with craft foam. I then made various strips of craft foam and layered them/hot glued them in a criss-cross pattern all the way down the pieces. An exacto knife became my BFF. Once the design was done, I used a hairdryer to heat form the pieces so they would be curved to my legs/arms. Then, I Mod Podged/painted everything for eight hundred years.

The arm guards worked just fine because I had built craft foam straps into them.

Unfortunately, the leg guards NOPED right off me as soon as I tried to walk in them. So to fix them, I’m going slice them up and velcro them directly to my bodysuit. TADA! I just don’t want all that endless work with the details/painting to go to waste.

Belt: Also made out of craft foam because I couldn’t find a base long enough. And I made the gold buckles out of craft foam. Hooray craft foam.

Shoes: I wore some sandals. I want to make “invisible shoes” for her someday. We’ll see.

Wig: I bought a black wig from ebay. I used clear elastic ponytail holders to give her hair the mini ponytails.

Ears: I can’t remember exactly which elf ears I bought, but I got them from Ardani Costumes! They looked adorable and stayed on super well.

Face Tattoo: A kind soul had a stencil of Merrill’s face tattoo and then an even kinder soul named Jess drew it on my face since I was so frazzled I couldn’t do it myself at the con. :3

Mage Staff: Kind soul Dale (probably the only time he will be described as such) aka Varric made this for me out of PVC. It is AWESOME.

On to the Photos!










Other Cosplayers:
Alistair – Kevin
Sebastian – Nick
Inquisitor – Zonbi
Awesome Dragon Age @ DragonCon Group

Photos by: Danny Hunter and Lucky Sevens Craftworks


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