Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones: 1×21 “The Monster”

The client this week is a library in Naperville in danger of being closed pending a vote. Naturally, they don’t have any money to pay for a campaign, but Simon offers to help pro-bono. Gordon doesn’t understand why you would work without getting paid, so he becomes very against this idea. Which sparks another idea: threaten a book burning if the vote to save the library fails. And who is the book burner? None other than Gordon!

He is soon being targeted on the street, but Simon can’t do anything about it since the plan is working to save the library. But he promises to vilify him in the end.

Sydney is FINALLY dating her veterinarian neighbor! (See, I knew it would happen eventually!) But…of course, he’s gay. Syd seems pretty oblivious to this, or maybe she’s just enjoying her blissful ignorance since he’s really attractive and they can talk about cats and go shopping. During a group trip to the Art Institute in which her neighbor spends most of his time hitting on zach, she finally tells Lauren that she knows he’s gay. She breaks it off with no hard feelings and Zach has a new admirer.

At the book burning where they announce the library has been saved, Simon plans to have Gordon come out and explain that it was all a ploy to save the library. Unfortunately, Gordon comes out too soon and accidentally sets a book on fire with a nearby candle. Wigged out by the fire, he throws the flaming book….into a huge pile of books. Woops!

After Gordon is chased out by an angry mob, the situation is resolved and Gordon is loved by the public again. He then comes to Simon with some startling news: they’ve been offered a multi-million dollar deal to sell the company!

In the end, Sydney explains to Andrew how she broke up with her neighbor and admits she just missed having someone to hang out with. And both of them admit that they miss hanging out together. She misses having him as a friend…

Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #2

The gang is still happily dealing with the return of Giles as Issue #2 kicks off. And because he’s a young teen, they can’t help but hit him with a barrage of teasing. Lil’ Giles is full of teen hormones, so he ends up snapping at the gang. And when they formulate a plan, he realizes they don’t really need him, giving him even more teen angst. (You better not leave, Lil’ Giles!)

After chasing off the vampires, who can’t leave without spouting lots and lots of threats, the gang sets to work on trying to figure out why vampires can hang out in the daylight and turn into bats. Cause…yikes! Faith and co. also take off once the threat is gone. (Faith has another comic to get to, after all.)

The blank Vampyr book suddenly starts revealing more and more clues as if the vampire rules are being completely rewritten. And Buffy reasons that it’s a good thing she never read it in high school since everything is changing. Giles give her *that* look, of course. Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he can’t give her a killer guilt trip. Hee! (I am enjoying Lil’ Giles WAY too much!)

In order to get some more answers, Buffy decides to send Xander and Dawn on a special mission. She hopes this will get them talking about their relationship as Buffy is always trying to keep people’s relationships in tact since hers tend to fail pretty miserably.

Speaking of Buffy’s relationship, she and Spike go visit the Hot Cop (that is his official name in my mind) that Buffy almost went on a date with before he was brutally attacked by zompires. He seems to be doing okay. Buffy tells her sob story about getting a good military man into way too many life or death situations and figures they shouldn’t date. Hot Cop (okay, now I admit, I just forget what his name is) seems totally okay with this. She’s pretty bothered that he’s so okay with it and goes to Spike of all people to discuss her issues.

And she puts her foot in her mouth, chasing off man #2 for the night. Sigh. Poor Buffy…

The end of the issue brings back another surprise guest. But you’ll just have to read to find out!

Pick up the issue here!

Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×03 “Breaker of Chains”

Last night’s episode turned out to be an extremely controversial one. And I’m pretty bummed considering it has to do with a scene I was very much looking forward to. I do love my Lannisters, after all.

Spoilers and a bit of graphic prose from A Storm of Swords inside. You’ve been warned!

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Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 4×02 “The Lion and the Rose”

Well! This was quite the episode, wasn’t it? The fandom is afire with happiness and satisfaction–something not often seen in a show where fan favorites are killed off in terribly gruesome ways. Not this time! Spoilers ahoy!

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Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones: 1×20 “Love Sucks”

Although the title of this episode is “Love Sucks,” it is surprisingly not about Sydney and Andrew. Ha. It’s actually about Simon and Gordon’s love lives.

Simon is crazy about a new woman, played by Pam Dawber aka Mindy from Mork & Mindy, while Gordon is in despair because his long-term boyfriend left him. They try to get to the root of the break up and determine that Gordon just isn’t spontaneous enough. So, Simon tries hard to help him, only to fall victim to his sad, loveless rut, ruining a date with his new girlfriend.

Eventually, while out at a gay karaoke bar with Gordon’s ex, Gordon makes a very public display of affection by singing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” and wooes his boyfriend back. Simon realizes that love isn’t hopeless and tries to win Mindy back. She tell him he “must be from outer space.” Hur hur. But ultimately, slams the door in his face.

Earlier in the episode, Sydney tripped over Gordon and sprained her ankle. She proceeds to be overly dramatic about the injury, to the point of using crutches. But no one will listen to her pleas for attention.

Andrew and Zach found a pair of keys in the elevator that belong to a very annoying person in their office, one who will latch on and never let go. Because Andrew decided to be nice and return the keys, he was stuck with her for a few days. But then they find a way to pass her off to Sydney, who finally has someone to talk to and will listen to her dramatics about her foot. It’s a win-win.

Only two more episodes. Both will air next Thursday, back-to-back! See you then!

Judging from her most recent tweet, Sarah is very excited!

Stephanie Watches The Crazy Ones: 1×19 “Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley”

In order to win a new spicy BBQ sauce client, Zach and Simon promise that they can get Brad Paisley to do a jingle for them. Only problem is the jingle writer Danny Chase aka Josh Groban has a beef with Brad Paisley and doesn’t want to work with him. And his ego has inflated quite a large amount since his last visit to the show. Danny will only agree to write the jingle if Brad Paisley apologizes to him for embarrassing him several years ago.

They lie to Danny, saying they did get his apology, but once the recording session starts to happen, the two get into a fight. And the entire fight is recorded. Although they are without a jingle, they do have Brad Paisley shouting “Ow, Dawn!” They choose to incorporate that into their pitch to the BBQ sauce folks, having the bottle proclaim, “Ow, Damn!” every time it is opened. The BBQ sauce ladies love it and they’ve won a client!

While all this is going down, Sydney is very excited about her new assistant Allie. Everything about her seems perfect, except that she starts dating Andrew. She makes Andrew break up with her, leaving Allie completely devastated and unable to do her job. Lauren accuses Sydney of being jealous (duh!), but Sydney tries to blow off this accusation by making Andrew go out with her again because he “broke her assistant.” Of course, she wants him to make Allie hate him in the process.

This plan backfires and Andrew and Allie have a great second date, much to Sydney’s dismay. Lauren assures her, “Not to worry. We always want them a little more once they’re unavailable, right?”

I’m thinking Sydney’s assistant definitely won’t be lasting too much longer…

Only three episodes left, guys! And still no mention of renewal or cancellation from CBS. Hmmm. Tonight’s episode “Love Sucks” features a Mork & Mindy reunion, so that will be interesting to see!

Stephanie Goes to Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con 2014

Nick and I went to Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con a.k.a. Firefly Line Con this past weekend. And we had a job to do. And that job was to meet Nathan Fillion.

Nick was Mal and I was Inara from Firefly. We were sad not to have more of our crew, but people still appreciated us. It helps that we continually wander by the Firefly autograph lines… Heh heh.

First! We met Summer Glau and got a photo with her. When we approached her, her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. She jsut seemed so in awe of our costumes. She said, “You guys look great.” And then we took our cute picture and she just continued to look back and forth between us in awe. It was so cute.

And then we got in the autograph line for Nathan Fillion. I like to horn in on Nick’s celeb meeting since I’m the only other person who really does the celeb thing at cons. So, we were ridiculously giddy as we got closer and closer. And we could see him and hear his voice. Eeep!

He shook our hands! “I’m Nathan, and you are?” And told us we looked great in our outfits. Wooo! And then he proceeded to go into detail on how he does his hair. I may be remembering it a little incorrectly, but it was like, “You know what I do? I wash it. I comb it. I put on a hat. I let it dry. I comb it again. And I style it.” Perfect.

And then came time for the photo op right afterwards! When we first went in there, Nathan Fillion put his arms around my waist. *faints* And then we switched positions because Nick decided he needed to melt into a hug, which Nathan was all for. And I rested my head against his chest. It was so beautiful. *dreamy sigh*

On Sunday we got a photo with Adam Baldwin! He was wearing a RUSH shirt, which I appreciated, haha. And he was super nice. He shook our hands. And he even remembered Nick from meeting him at Dragon*Con last year! How cool! Anyway, he is very tall. And very nice!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent with friends: Kevin, Dale, Karissa, Wendy, Jay, and Courtney. We did a lot of wandering. I spotted Matt Smith from Doctor Who, Eliza Dushku, and a zillion other celebs that were there. Much hilariousness was also had, as well as yummy food cooked by Kevin. And I got to have my Imo’s pizza/wings/toasted ravioli with my dad. AND I SAW CAPTAIN AMERICA 2. But…more on that in another post…

Here are some fun photos of the con! Including Kevin, Dale, Courtney, Wendy, and Jay!

(A wild Matt Smith appears!)


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