Stephanie Cosplays Skye from Agents of SHIELD

Chloe Bennet, Agents of SHIELD.

Skye – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cons: Dragon Con 2014

Status: Active

In honor of the new SHIELD season, I wanted to focus on my Skye cosplay from SHIELD.

Sure, all I did was buy a wig and a SHIELD “Visitor’s” Badge (sad) and wear some Skye-style clothes I already had, but sometimes closet cosplays can be the most fun! And the most comfortable.

This costume would not have been complete without the awesome SHIELD badge Missy got for all of us. So, woo!

I will likely revamp this costume for upcoming conventions because Skye has some pretty badass outfits happening from some of the season 2 promos. Bodysuits and tactical gear, am I right?

But for now, check out some photos of our SHIELD group and read about our antics in my Dragon Con write-up:

Skye – Me
Fitz – Nick
Simmons – Missy
Coulson – William








Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #7


I Wish, Part 2

With the fizzling out of both of their relationships, Xander and Spike become roommates in a very Odd Couple type situation. Think back to season 4 and tack on even more hilarity!

Buffy, now roomies with Dawn and Willow, entrusts Xander and Spike to protect the Vampyr book while they attempt to do some normal life stuff. Buffy promises to talk Xander up to Dawn to try and get those feelings for him to blossom once more.

Xander and Spike both contemplate using the book to write the rules to get their ladies back, but both know the consequences could be too risky and dire.

Instead they go out to a nearby pub and bond over some beers. The rest of the issue just gets even more hilarious as they both fall under the alluring call of two sirens. Ghost!Anya is there attempting to talk some sense into him, but Xander has trouble hearing her over the sound of half-naked pillow fights. Yes, I’m serious. This issue is amazing.

The thing I love about how well these are written is that I don’t have to strain to hear the characters’ voices as I read. Each pice of dialogue goes through my mind as though I’m watching the show, which just goes to show how well the writers understand the characters and that “Whedon” voice. Not surprising since Nicholas Brendon lived that voice in Xander for over seven years.

I really can’t reiterate enough how much I am enjoying this season!

The issue is out today in your local comic book shop or buy it online!


Stephanie Goes to Dragon Con 2014


Whew! Well, what do I say about my first Dragon*Con? It was insane, overwhelming, fun, crazy, amazing, awesome, exhausting, silly, and I don’t even know! I guess I’ll just go day by day because I don’t know how else to go about explaining the enormity of the convention.


We [Nick, Jess, Kevin, Dale, and I] road-tripped from Chicago to Elizabethtown. I was immediately a cat and passed out in the sun after a hearty breakfast. We finally ate at Shoney’s and the guys got their fudgey cake.


We magically connected with Dawn and Brad, who had started their journey from Chicago much later, and got to eat breakfast with them. Eventually, we all made it to Atlanta and our hotel at the Aloft in the late afternoon. We quickly and thankfully acquired badges (so glad I pre-reg’d, despite my friends’ horror stories about the badge line).

The rest of the evening was spent running around and finding most of our friends, complete with much flailing and excitement. I was still taking the scene in because the atmosphere was more like a Saturday night for a regular convention–and it was only Thursday! Craziness!


Jay of Cosplay4UsAll and I as the Ninth Doctor and Rose


Brad, Dawn, and I had our Game of Thrones photoshoot that morning at the Hilton. There were SO many people, it was crazy! Everyone just shouted out various groups that they wanted to photograph until we were all too tired and hungry to continue. After food was acquired, we did some more wandering and found more Game of Thrones peeps to take photos with.


Never enough wine for Cersei!

Eventually, my giant wig was starting to hurt my neck (it is SO heavy!), so I went back and changed into my new costume: Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! Yay! Nick put Starlord on and we ran around the Marriott for a while. Our friend Jerry made Nick “that guy’s leg” from the film (completely out of the blue because he’s awesome), so that was the coolest prop to have as prison Rocket! We were very popular and people kept shouting, “I need that guy’s leg!” at us. PS: Nick has the best Starlord helmet thanks to WMArmory.


Nick as Starlord and me as Rocket!

One interesting encounter was having Rocket fangirls. As in pre-teen girls who treated me like a rockstar. It was really cute/bizarre. They–for lack of a better word–glomped me and all took a photo with me. Nick and I had similar experiences with little kids in the food court. They were so excited to see Starlord and Rocket! Yay!

The rest of the night was spent at the Pulse Loft, naturally. We headed back to the hotel around 2AM since we had to get up early (like 7AM EARLY UGH) the next morning for the parade.

This happened at some point on Friday night once I was no longer a raccoon.

This happened at some point on Friday night once I was no longer a raccoon.


I was wearing my new costume Merrill from Dragon Age for the parade, but had quite a lot of complications. A lot of the prep I had done to make putting everything together easier was failing me. Thankfully, Jess was able to do my Dalish elf face tattoos. Unfortunately, my leg guards aka platypi, which granted were held together with hot glue and elastic, broke the moment we stepped outside the hotel, so I had to carry them. Ugh. (Velcro will be used next time, yes. I have learned my lesson, but hey those were the first armor thingies I’ve ever made!)


Graceface as Inquisitor, me as Merrill, Kevin as Alistair, and Nick as Sebastian from Dragon Age

We met up with our Dragon Age group and had some silly times in the sweltering garage. Hey, at least it was shaded! Then, the parade began a.k.a. the long death march, according to Nick. It was warm and sunny, but not as bad as I had feared. It was cool to walk in a huge group of like-costumed folks and hear people in the crowd cheer and snap photos. It was a very interesting experience. My only regret is having to carry the platypi the whole time, ha.


I found this photo somewhere, but I don’t remember. So, photo credit to SOMEONE.

After the parade came WATER and a group photoshoot. Good times. (Thanks to all the awesome people in the Dragon Age @ Dragon Con group for doing all the heavy lifting and organizing! It was my first year doing it all and it was fun times!) Nick, Grace, and I headed out after that because we were in desperate need of sitting and more water and air conditioning.

Nick and I soon headed off to be celebrity hos, as we do. We met Ron Glass from Firefly/Agents of SHIELD! He was silly and nice and shook our hands. And Nick now has 8/9 cast member signatures on his Firefly poster. Soon, Gina Torres, soon… (I just like to piggyback off of all of his Firefly meetings. Mwahahaha.)

After some lunch and a short nap in Cosplay4UsAll‘s hotel room (in which Nick pinched my nose to wake me up, the big jerkface), we went back to the Walk of Fame so I could meet Michael Hogan aka Saul Tigh/Captain Bailey, partly for me and partly for my bff Lauren. He signed my autograph to both me and Lauren and I got a photo with him, weeee! We then asked if he would say a line from BSG and without asking, he said, “IT’S IN THE FRAKKIN’ SHIP!” So, that was epic.


Yay Michael Hogan!


Nick and I then found Grace and Brad and went adventuring! We attempted to go to the cosplay chill spot (my official name for it), but it was closed (after we spent an hour just trying to get up there…) and instead hung out on the 9th floor for a while, observing the masses.


View from the 9th Floor

As we waited for an elevator to go back down, an older guy was also waiting and complaining about the wait. There was something familiar about him and after having a mental conversation with Nick, he asked, “Are you John Ratzenberger?” And, yes, of course, it was! So, we chatted to him about how he wanted to get some dinner and didn’t know what city he was in. (“This is Atlanta, right?”) And then rode with him in the elevator. Totally random!

…And then I was swept away into a Deadpool conga line, never to be seen again.

Evening came, as did the usual Pulse Loft hangouts and drink acquisitions. I got a rum bucket, which was extremely tasty. But our ill-timed lunch and exhaustion proved to be too much for me and I was not feeling all that great for the majority of the night. Thankfully, we found an air conditioned spot in the Loft, which made things a bit more bearable. But I think I just got overwhelmed by the amount of people and my tiredness and my feet soreness and holy moly, it was intense. But I still really enjoyed spending the evening with Nick, Grace, Brad, Cosplay4UsAll, random new and old friends, and the Asari ladies.


Me, Grace, and Nick at Pulse Loft!


I finally got a sort of normal amount of sleep (normal for a con, anyway), so I was feeling MUCH better. Since it was Agents of SHIELD cosplay day, I put on my Skye costume and joined Nick as Fitz and Missy as Simmons.


Skye and FitzSimmons from Agents of SHIELD!

We went to the Agents of W.H.E.D.O.N. panel, which featured J. August Richards, Amy Acker, and Ron Glass. It was lovely and full of great little Angel and Firefly tidbits, as well as some fun AoS stories.

Look a blurry photo of a panel!

Look! A blurry photo of a panel! Ron Glass, Amy Acker, J. August Richards.

Missy, Nick, and I then spent the rest of the day confiscating things with our badges from people and various Marvel characters. We went out to dinner with Cosplay4UsAll, Kevin, Dawn, Dale, and Brad and had some yummy food and drinks. I was feeling pretty silly thanks to said drinks and was ready and rarin’ for a Pulse Loft night. Unfortunately, some people were throwing glass, bottles, and powder down from the upper floors of the Marriott, so they closed the Loft down just as we arrived.


Dangit, now we gotta TAHITI Coulson again!

But no matter! The Agents of SHIELD shenanigans continued. We acquired a Coulson and ran around the con harassing Thors, Lokis, other SHIELD agents. It was glorious and hilarious. And definitely the most fun day of the con for me. Being well rested sure makes a difference, huh?


It was time to leave Atlanta. But not until Jess, Nick, and I had some car troubles! But the Aloft maintenance guy helped us (twice), so we owe him much gratitude! After finding as many of our lovely friends as we could and squeezing them (we triple squeezed Grace, of course), we hit the road.

We spent the night in Indiana at Cosplay4UsAll’s cat menagerie. Pizza and laughs were had. It was a nice, relaxing end to the convention insanity before we went home on Tuesday.


Phew! I’m sure I forgot some things, but SO much happened that it would likely bore you to read more. I hope you enjoyed the recap. Even though I was totally exhausted and my feet felt like they were going to fall off, I can’t WAIT to go back next year. I will be better prepared and am already planning some cooler costumes to wear for evening party times at Pulse Loft!

See ya’ll next year at Dragon Con, old friends and new friends!

Stephanie Podcasts with The Long Con Podcast: Episode 17

I was a guest on my homies’ podcast The Long Con Podcast this month to discuss my first ever Dragon*con! Woo!

Mainly silliness ensues. Give it a watch/listen/see my cat’s butt a couple times.

Bonus creeper cat staring at me while I podcasted:

And here is the GoPro footage that Kevin shot throughout the con.

Lots of our Dragon Age parade footage!

My write-up of Dragon*Con shenanigans coming later this week! Stay tuned…or something.


Stephanie Cosplays Helena from Orphan Black

helena3 Orphan_Black_S01E07_Parts_Developed_In_An_Unusual_Manner_1080p_WEB-DL_AAC_2_0_H_264-ECI_0813


Helena – Orphan Black

Cons: CONvergence 2014, Wizard World Chicago 2014

Status: May wear again

Orphan Black has quickly become one of my all time favorite shows. And if you’re not watching it, then you need to get on that immediately! Duh!

It is my goal to one day cosplay all the clones and photoshop myself into a picture, purely for hilarity sake. Next on my list is Cosima since I have her glasses now and I really want to make that wig. But Helena was an easy first choice since I’m already blond and I more or less owned her outfit already. I generally like being pretty with very nice makeup for cosplay, so looking so cracked out is a weird change, haha. Only problem is that my hair really did not want to cooperate either times that I wore Helena. Thanks to the Chicago humidity, all of the poofyness and curls almost instantly fell out, leaving it a sad, limpy mess. But oh well.

I still got some great pictures with Kelsey as Sarah Manning and Karen as Alison Hendrix. Yay clone club! Kelsey and I twice realized we were re-creating scenes from the show. First in the car on the way to the con, so of course I had to sing “Sugar, Sugar” in a bad Ukranian accent and then again when we got some lunch at the diner. Unfortunately, there was no Jell-O.

Enjoy the photos!












Stephanie Watches True Blood Series Finale


Spoilers (show & book) ahoy! And also lots of nonsensical rambling.

True Blood ended this past Sunday night and I actually feel kind of sad about it. It hasn’t been that great the past few years and sometimes even completely awful, but the first three seasons, while incredibly ridiculous and silly, were really fun to watch. So, even though I have spent much time feeling exasperated by the recent seasons and grateful that it’s ending, I actually enjoyed this past season (minus the first couple episodes).

This season, while not much action happened after the crazed vampires that took over Fangtasia were gone, had sort of serene vibe to it. There were a few crazy moments sprinkled in here or there, such as Violet kidnapping Andy’s fairy daughter and Holly’s son to torture them in her sex mansion, the Republican slaughterhouse. But you could tell they really wanted to give the major characters some closure.

Sam decided to leave Bon Temps to be with his pregnant girlfriend. (I’m still really bothered that Merlotte’s was changed to Bellefleur’s…) Andy and Holly are engaged. Arlene found herself a cute vampire boyfriend. Hoyt returned and although his memories didn’t, the same feelings for Jessica easily resurfaced and the two got married (mainly for Bill’s sake, but hey they were still together in that flash forward). Jason found himself a nice girl that he could settle down with and have kids. Eric and Pam are just as successful as ever, selling their cure for Hep V and holding Sarah Newlin hostage forever.


And Sookie? With Bill dying of Hep V and refusing the cure (’cause he’s a big dumb dumb), she granted his request to kill him. He doesn’t want her to live a life in the darkness with him since he can’t give her children and such. (This very much reminded me of Angel breaking up with Buffy, but hey.) And instead of giving up who she is by using the last of her fairy magic, she stakes him. It’s not to save the world, but it was still pretty emotional. Not to mention gross. At least she wasn’t wearing white this time.

I’m not super pleased with this ending, mostly because I like the book ending so much better. Bill and Sookie are good buds and Sookie ends up with Sam instead of some faceless boyfriend/husband that knocked her up. That being, said, Sookie staking Bill was all still very emotional and gave me that season 1 vibe, which was all about Sookie and Bill’s relationship. (Sometimes I am a big weepy girly girl who enjoys sappy stuff like that, okay?)


I will argue that the pilot episode is still the best episode and my favorite of the entire series because it captured the True Blood world from the novels so perfectly. I think this show is a perfect example of when not following the books can really screw you over (HINT HINT, GoT). Sure, there are many more books of Sookie Stackhouse stories than there could ever be TV seasons, but there’s a reason why season 1-3 are better–because they mainly followed the book plots! Weird! (I’m forever saddened that I will never see the vampire convention come to life , as that’s one of my favorite Sookie Stackhouse books.)

Otherwise season 4-6 were more or less hot messes. Season 4 was all right with the amnesia Eric storyline, but I hated the way they brought the witch plot into it. Season 5 was so bad that I can’t even talk about it. (Who thought Billith was good idea!?) I will pretend it doesn’t exist in the True Blood world. And season 6 I mainly enjoyed for Sarah Newlin’s craziness.

I’m relieved the show is over because it felt like more of an obligation to watch in recent years, but I will most definitely still enjoy watching those first three seasons over and over again. Whenever summer hit, my roommate Missy and I would pop in season 1 because it was hot outside, in the show, and in our apartment since we didn’t have AC. Season 1 was so focused on the Sookie and Bill story…and maybe some people don’t like that. But it gave me some nice Buffy/Angel vibes and like I said, I can be sappy and enjoy a good dramatic romance. Plus, I think having that focus made it a better show.

Obviously I loved the show since I named my cat Sookie. And I will forever say “Sookehhh is miiiine” to her. Maybe someday I’ll get her a friend named Bill, ha. And I still rock my Merlotte’s shirt every now and then.


Halloween 2009