Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #14


To get to the bottom of who is controlling Spike and making him kill humans or killing humans and making Spike think he did it, they decide to do a magical mind walk. Reminded me of both when Buffy was catatonic and Willow went into her mind and when Faith strolled through Angel’s mind to help him fight off Angelus.

Because both Giles and Willow need to stay grounded to work their mojo, they decide to send Buffy in to Spike’s mind.

This worries the new couply couple considering what Spike was pre-soul and pre-chip. But Buffy tries to keep in mind that Spike is not a monster anymore.

But what does she find when she enters his mind? Blood and horrors? Rainbows and sunshine? Demons and monsters? Cute kittens and puppies? (Actually, yes, to the kittens.)

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Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×18 “The Frenemy of My Enemy”


This episode brought me a lot of joy and anxiety. Fitz in a suit! Ward is back! Cal is precious! Everything is stressful! Ahhhhh!

Coulson, Fitz, Deathlok, and Hunter are trying to find Skye and track down the real threat that’s targeting powered people: HYDRA. But to do that, they need to recruit an old foe. “Hey, sweetie,” Coulson says to Ward in one of the greatest moments in the episode. Hee. Coulson says he’ll let Ward walk after he helps out if goes through the TAHITI process to take all the badness out of his head. But everything Ward has been through with Garrett and HYDRA are what makes Ward….Ward. But in order to save himself and Agent 33, Ward agrees.

With Deathlok and a somewhat compliant Bakshi, they send them in to meet with the HYDRA dudes.

Back at the Inhuman ranch, Skye is having second thoughts about sending her dad away. She actually enjoyed having dinner with her family, but also knows how dangerous Cal can be. He spared nothing to put his wife back together and find Skye. Finally having his family all in one place, only to have them taken away again could destroy him and cause him to destroy others. As a SHIELD agent, Skye can’t let him hurt other people. Jiaying tries to tell her that other people are no longer her responsibility, but she can’t agree. So, she offers to go with him to get him settled in.

Cal is super excited about his father/daughter date and takes her down memory lane in Milwaukee, WI, showing her how she could have grown up. He is extremely precious, nervous, and giddy and gets her some ice cream. Ugh, it was so cute and hurt me deeply. He may be a dangerous man, but he would clearly never hurt Skye. He just wants to get their life back on track. He just wants to be a family.

While on the HYDRA plane, they get a reading on a teleportation in Milwaukee (Gordon transporting Skye and Cal), so they head after them. Coulson and co. on their quinjet follow suit.

Everything starts to converge! Cal finds out that Skye isn’t staying. HYDRA comes in ready to find the powered person. Lincoln shows up because he’s been watching Skye and Cal the whole time. Bobbi and SHIELD are on the heels after Skye called May for help. Lincoln and Deathlok fight it out. HYDRA guys capture Lincoln and Deathlok. Hunter and 33 fight off HYDRA guys and he gets shot. Coulson and Ward fight off HYDRA guys. Ward saves Coulson.

And then they finally run in to Skye! Skye is clearly confused to see Ward, but earnestly cries out for Coulson. Until Gordon shows up. Cal latches on and all three of them disappear! Coulson and Ward both look devastated. And so am I. And I am out of breath from thinking about how much happened! Whew!

Cal is definitely not having the….


Other things:

  • Fitz shaking and ready to take out Ward! Ahhhhh. It’s okay, bb. I know you’ve been hurt. And poo on you, Ward, for antagonizing him.
  • “He’s a cyborg with rockets in his arms.”
    “No, he’s a SHIELD agent…with rockets in his arms.”
  • “You are a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.”
  • May and Jemma looked like they were about to puke when they saw Coulson and Ward working together. I can’t imagine what’s going through their minds, except more and more betrayal and confusion.
  • “I’m a friend of Skye’s.”
    “Sure, and I’m the Hulk.”
  • Not a huge fan of Ward/33. I have a feeling that poor girl is gonna get hurt because he’s SO not over Skye.
  • “Take me to your leader.”

Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 5×02 “The House of Black and White”


Alright, prefacing this by saying yeah, I’m totally one of those bitter book readers. I really try to think of the show and the books as two separate entities now that they’ve run out of material for some characters. But it’s very hard. So, please bear with me as my bitterness may come out in these reviews. Just a warning because I think some things they’re doing is super duper dumb when they still have cool stuff in the material they could use. But at least Cersei and Arya seem to be on the right track.


Arya was missing from the first episode because she was making her way to Braavos to the House of Black and White. She has her little Valar Morghulis coin, but the hooded man initially denies her entry. So, she spends the day or two just sitting outside. This apparently means she was devoted enough to hang around, so the hooded man comes out to let her inside. And when his hand passes over his face, he is revealed to be Jaqen H’ghar…or the Faceless Man or Kindly Man.

King’s Landing

The Dornish are sending threats to Cersei, so naturally she fears for the safety of her daughter, Myrcella, who was sent away to live at Sunspear a few years prior. And since Oberyn Martell was killed, his lady friend Ellaria and his daughters are none too pleased about it.

So, not wanting to deal with her relationship drama with Jaime, she sends him off to go retrieve Myrcella. Jaime recruits Bronn and the two go off on a totally non-book related adventure.


We finally get to see Dorne, something I was very much looking forward to until they decided to completely get rid of Arianne’s character. You know, the POV character for all of the goings-on at Dorne. But, okay, fine. I guess Ellaria is taking her place. And as someone who has spent much time with Oberyn, who abhors the killing of children, she tells Prince Doran they gotta kill Myrcella. Because that makes sense.

Book!Ellaria wants nothing more than to be done with the Lannisters because she fears for the safety of her own daughters (The Sandsnakes), the only part of Oberyn she has left. But TV!Ellaria is all about starting a war.

On the Road

Brienne and Pod are dining when they run into Sansa and Littlefinger. Brienne tries to convince her to come with her, that she made a vow to her mother to take her home. But they both notice her fancy Lannister sword and point out that hey, her mom is actually dead, so your vow doesn’t mean anything. Sansa is clearly very bitter that this lady let her family down, so she decides to go with Creeperfinger instead.

There’s what Westeros would deem a high speed chase through the woods, but Sansa still gets away.

This is the first instance of something really dumb. What are Brienne and Pod going to do now? Oh hey, maybe they should incorporate a CERTAIN character so that their stuff gets back on track. Maybe? Yeah? No, I know. Sigh.

The Wall

Stannis offers Jon Snow to become Jon Stark, something he’s always wanted. But he’s forever devout to the Night’s Watch. And when it comes time to choose a new Lord Commander, he wins the vote! Yay! Suck it, everybody else. Especially Alliser Thorne.

Across the Narrow Sea

Hizdahr Zo Loraq just won’t shut up about the damn fighting pits. He says the Sons of the Harpy will just keeping killing if she doesn’t open them up. They end up capturing one of these Sons, but she doesn’t know what to do with him. Ser Barristan advises her not to kill every single person that defies her or she’ll end up like the Mad King. So, she agrees to give him a trial, but one of her loyal peeps decides to take matters in to his own hand and kills him in the night. He thought he was doing his Mhysa a favor, but Dany is piiiiissed.

She has no choice but to make an example of him in front of a crowd of all her children begging for his mercy. But when Dany makes a choice, she doesn’t back down. Soooo, off with his head! Bam! Her kids aren’t happy. Damn, she can’t keep anyone happy. Her dragons are mad and now all her kids. Being queen is hard, guys.


Other things:

  • Sup Drogon. Maybe you should go rescue your brothers.
  • Varys and Tyrion are still traveling in their hot little hut. And having more depressing conversations.
  • Why are they even bothering to have Sansa’s hair a dark color if they’re just going to reveal who she is all the time? Arrrgh!
  • Just a thought, I wish the place they’d gotten food had been the same place HOT PIE worked. I miss Hot Pie.
  • Jaime looks like he is about to ride off on a motorcycle or commandeer a ship. I need his shaggy hair back because he’s looking a little too modern.

Stephanie Watches Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1


I will preface this by saying I knew virtually nothing about Daredevil. I never saw the Ben Affleck movie either. So this world was completely new to me. And like many, I binged all 13 episodes in a couple days.

Not knowing the backstory–I seriously didn’t even know DD was blind–I was completely drawn in from the first minute of watching a poor little boy get nuclear waste in his eyeballs to him kicking a whole bunch of ass as an adult in his pajamas. (I kid, I kid.)

Daredevil was surprisingly gory. Lots of blood and extreme, bare knuckle violence, but there were also many awesomely choreographed fight scenes. (That five-minute, uncut fight scene was nuts, right!?)

Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) was also an amazing foil to Matt Murdock. I feel bad for how much I liked him because he’s such a bad dude. I think he truly does have good intentions for Hell’s Kitchen, but the problem is he doesn’t care about what little people he steps on along the way to get what he wants. But, ugh, his relationship with Vanessa was beautiful and I loved every scene between the two of them. From the moment he was super nervous to talk to her, I was sold on him. I can’t help but love those fascinating, tragic, conflicting villains.

I think Netflix was the perfect avenue to go down for Marvel because they can show the gritty, dark underbelly of this bright, flashy superhero world we all know and love. The things that the Avengers and SHIELD agents are missing on a daily basis because they’re too busy trying to save the whole world. We need the heroes out there to find the people that the police might miss and who Fisk is stepping on, like kidnapped children, suffering older women being shanked by the system, and framed women just trying to expose a scandal like Karen Page.

That’s why people like Matt Murdock exist.


Some spoilers below:

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Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×17 “Melinda”


This episode had quite a lot of Agents of FEELS. We had two main stories happening: Skye learning how to control her powers and May’s backstory.


Skye begins her training with Jiaying. She is taught to tap in to the vibrations of the things around her, that she should be able to “hear” them. Skye hears the mountain before her and causes a mini avalanche with her vibrations. She smiles and finally feels like this isn’t a bad thing.

As Skye worries that this place feels like home since that has never been permanent for her, Jiayang can’t keep the truth from her any longer and reveals that she is her mother. They have a very tearful, beautiful reunion. (Cue crying from me as I watched.) She describes the night Skye was born, how she spent years looking for her after Cal pieced her body back together (yikes), how she started this safe-haven for Inhumans when she couldn’t find her. She had to help someone since she couldn’t help Skye. But they must keep this secret between them because the relation could be seen as a threat to the other Inhumans.

July 2nd. You were born on July 2nd. It was a hot night and, for some reason, I decided to clean the house before I woke your father. Cal, he uh, he ran over to the neighbour’s house to borrow their car but didn’t speak any Chinese so, it was a mess.”

Because Cal was able to find Skye, her mother requests that she grant him one family dinner. After that, she never has to see him again. Cal is adorably nervous and overjoyed to finally have everyone together. He gives Skye a bouquet of daisies and recounts the night she was born. Skye learns she is actually 26 instead of 25 and she actually seems happy for the first time in a long time.

July 2nd! It was a gorgeous summer night. Beautiful, big moon in the sky. You know, your mother, she actually cleaned before she told me. You see, there was only one car in the village and we didn’t own it. So I had to negotiate with this man. He didn’t speak any English and my Chinese was terrible!”


When we get our first glimpse of past!May, she’s happy as a clam with her hubby, ready to start having lots of babies! But then Coulson shows up, as he tends to do, to take all of that away. Nothing personal, Coulson, but people’s lives change drastically when you come in to the picture. Son of Coul, Bringer of Doom.

They go to a mission on Bahrain to track down a powered person. When things go south– a little girl gets kidnapped and all the SHIELD agents go silent–specialist May goes in. Thankfully, the SHIELD agents aren’t dead, but they seem to be possessed and want to take out May. “I want your pain.” (We know, SHIELD writers, we know.)

May finds the powered lady and they battle it out until May stabs the woman in the torso. The little girl steps out and we realize that oh shit! She is actually the powered person and May just took out her mom. And not just powered, but she went through the terrigen mist without any prior training and turned into a mini killing machine. Is there anything creepier than an evil little girl? She starts to take out the men around her with a simple wave of her hand. When she’s ready to go for the SHIELD agents and asks May to be her new mommy, May has no choice but to shoot her.

Everyone assumes that SHIELD had sent in “The Cavalry.” Thus, this terrible reminder of a nickname was born. No wonder May is so grumpy when people call her that. She lost herself during that mission, as Coulson said. Her marriage failed and she never got to have a child of her own. Unless you count the science twinz and Skye. Because I sure do.

But wait! That’s not all! Fitz is still on the run and gets the Fury box open to contact Coulson and Hunter. Yay! Go Team CoulHuntFitz and Ward next week, I’m sure.

Other things:

  • “You’re in a bathroom? With one of those electric hand dryers?”
    “Um, yeah.”
    “Then you’re gonna be okay, mate.”
  • Coulson and May hugging while she cries. ;_;
  • Lincoln always has food. This is silly and I like it.
  • Coulson has had a secret plan all along that not even May was privy to. Now she is getting worried. She wants Jemma to open the Fury box, but ummm….yeah. About that.
  • RAINA IS PROPHETIC!!!!! I like this. She searched for the Clairvoyant for so long, only to become it herself.
  • Also, I loved Raina’s flowery cloak.
  • Skye mentions St. Agnes orphanage and for those of you who have watched Daredevil, that’s also where Matt Murdock was. ooOooOoo~

Stephanie Watches Game of Thrones: 5×01 “The Wars to Come”


One of the comments my friend made after the first episode ended was that these episodes can sometimes leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied. There are so many characters with so many things happening that we only get little snippets. Granted, we are entering what many deem to be the boring side of things. A Feast for Crows is many people’s least favorite book since it comes after the excitement of the third book, but I love AFFC considering it is the Cersei book.

So I was excited for the new season of Game of Thrones to begin with a Cersei flashback. A lot of people don’t really understand a lot of Cersei’s motivations and think she’s just acting out of pure malice, but hearing this prophecy was the basis for her entire character and all the actions she carries out.

Queen you shall be until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

They left out the last line in the show, but you get it. So far Maggy’s prophecy has come true. She became queen. Robert Baratheon had bastard children all over town, while Cersei had three children with Jaime. And one of them is dead already, which is why she is so fearful for Myrcella’s life in Dorne. She is currently reeling from the death of Tywin, so naturally she wants to protect the rest of her family, especially with smirky little Margaery trying to dig her claws in to young Tommen. And that last line? Well, valonquar means “little brother,” so all her life Cersei thought Tyrion was going to kill her. Of course, since Jaime is technically younger than her, I think he will be her final undoing, but that’s a whole different theory. (And I cannot accept anyone but Jaime killing her.) Either way, this hopefully helps viewers understand Cersei’s mounting paranoia this season and why she wants to take out Tyrion so badly.

Lancel Lannister also showed up again after getting stabbed at the Battle of the Blackwater. He chopped off all his hair and has become a Sparrow. The religious zealots are going to become key this season. And a huge thorn in Cersei’s side, so I’m glad that brought Lancel back for it all. (It seems like Cersei’s story is the only one that’s still aligning with the books.)

Across the Narrow Sea

Over in Meereen, the Sons of the Harpy are taking out Unsullied who just want to be cuddled. And Daario is showing us his nice booty, so that’s pleasant. Dany tried to talk to her dragon babies, but they’re pissed from being locked up. That’s just a human roast waiting to happen.

Tyrion survived his crate travels and just wants to drink himself to death in Pentos. He gave a very motivational speech to Varys about how the future is shit and the past is shit, then promptly puked up all his wine. Nice.

Varys wants him to come meet Daenerys and then decide if he wants to live or die. And yes, he can keep drinking wine on the road.

The Wall

Jon Snow and Sam are trying to get back to normal life after their epic wildling battle. But Stannis the Mannis needs to settle things with Mance Rayder first. Jon tries to convince Mance to bend the knee or he’ll be burned and made an example of for the rest of the wildlings. Mance chooses to be burned at the stake instead, but seems to immediately regret his choice once he starts catching on fire. Jon can’t handle it, so he puts Mance out of his misery by shooting him with an arrow. Stannis gonna be mad atchu!

Sidenote: I wonder if Melisandre’s actress is freezing her booty off since her character doesn’t need a heavy coat. I know a lot of the Wall is green screen, so maybe they’re in a studio and she’s fine.

Other things:

  • Cersei’s face as Loras tried to tell her words of comfort.
  • “They’re crate trained now!” -friend, in reference to dragons
  • Mellysanders looks like she has a little crush on Jon too. Asking him awkward questions like, “Are you a virgin, Jon Snow?”
  • “It looks like it smells like basement.” -friend, in reference to every scene at The Wall
  • Robin Arryn fails at life. Sansa looks pretty awesome with her dark hair. I will continue to not trust Creepyfinger though. He’s never up to any good.
  • The first sex scene on screen was between two men! Until Marg came to cock block.
  • Daarios butt.

Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×16 “Afterlife”


Skye wakes up in a Dollhouse-esque facility covered in fancy needles that are healing her fractures. All she wants to do is tell her friends she’s fine, but her new tour guide hottie named Lincoln says she can’t. He gives her a tour of “Afterlife” and admits he has no idea where it’s located. But it’s full of people who have been lucky enough to transition and those who will be chosen to transition someday. Skye still insists that her gift is a curse, thinking that Gordon would be able to fix her. But Lincoln tells her it’s irreversable. Bummer, Skye. (But not really because your powers are cool.)

Back at SHIELD HQ, Adama just wants to get Coulson and Fury’s special box opened and find Coulson and Skye. Bobbi is, thankfully, still team Skye and defending her actions in the woods. I think Bobbi made the same mistake Ward did. She got too close to the rest of the team and is having a hard time dealing with their feelings of betrayal. I think Mack is having the same feelings in regards to Fitz. FitzSimmons and May are loyal to SHIELD, sure, but they’re loyal to their team first. And a betrayal to the team goes deep.

Coulson and Hunter are just being a hilarious duo as they try to figure out their next move. Naturally, Coulson is already 10 steps ahead of Hunter. They lure other SHIELD to the cabin in the woods and use some of Trip’s (:( TRIP!) Howling Commando kit for some fun trickery. Although the first plan doesn’t work and they get captured anyway. So, plan B: FLIPPIN’ MIKE PETERSON AKA DEATHLOK SHOWS UP. AWWW YEAH. They take the Quinjet and are off! To find Ward, strangely enough. He is the key to finding Skye. (Now I’m imagining Ward showing up at Afterlife to find Skye hanging out with Lincoln and getting all jealous. Heh.)

Skye and Lincoln have some one-on-one sessions because he REALLY wants to find out her power. His superpower should be that his eyes are made of hearts. But he shows her his electricity power and that he learned to control it. And she can feel it all throughout her body… Bow chicka wow ow. ANYWAY, eventually Skye gets really angry when she finds out Raina is also there and SKYE SMASH. No, wait, she’s not the Hulk. But she directs her power at Raina (who she is now blaming for Trip’s death) and we can see Raina suffering until…. SKYE’S MOMMY POPS IN. WHAT. Her face is covered in scars and she tells Skye she will show her the way. But neglects to metion, HEY, BY THE WAY, I’M YOUR MOM YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL THESE YEARS.


Raina looks like she’s in terrible shape. And it seems as though we haven’t even seen her true powers yet. But she’s always been living in Skye’s shadow and now she feels she must stick to them. And that she deserves death. Yes, Raina has killed people. But Skye’s answer (and Jemma’s) to kill her in return misses the point. All of the Inhumans clearly have the ability to use their powers for bad, but that doesn’t make them bad. I think Skye’s mom sees good in Raina and is trying to bring it out of her. At the very least, she wants to protect her.

Both Fitz and Simmons try different ways to open the box, making it appear as though they’re battling it out. Fitz decides that he’s going to leave SHIELD. And Jemma is all, GOOD IDEA. And I’m like, WHAT NO COME BACK. And then Fitz is in a cab and takes out the BOX. Ahahahaha, you rascals, you tricked me. I should have known. They are science twins and can communicate telepathically.

And then the icing on the cake: Jemma made Fitz his favorite sandwich! Ahhhhhhh~ This was an excellent episode.


Other Things:

  • Did you know that Afterlife has a special pizza day? Hey, Gordon, is tonight pizza night? Can we have pizza? Pizza? Pizzaaaaaaa?
  • “I used to find it difficult to control them, but now… sky’s the limit.” Punmaster Lincoln.
  • Cal and Jiaying’s reunion. <3 I thought she was going to kill him for .5 seconds, but I’m glad she didn’t.
  • “I was dead, after all. I shouldn’t even be here.”
    “We all have our bad days?”
  • Raina’s make-up is SO cool. Props to the make-up artists for that. And to Ann Foley, costume designer, for Deathlok’s fancy new suit too!
  • “At some point you might have mentioned ‘backup’ was a lethal cyborg.”
    “Truthfully, I just wanted to see the look on your face when he showed up.”
  • Adama giving May a loaded gun, lol. She doesn’t need that to kill you from across the room, buddy.

Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×15 “One Door Closes”

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.19.57 PMThe fall of SHIELD was such a huge turning point in both the series and the MCU as a whole, so I’m glad we got to take a look at what happened to Bobbi’s gang (even if I think they’re being buttheads right now). Plus, Lucy Lawless was back in action, so that was exciting. And Adama kept saying more BSG stuff like, “I’m the commander of this ship!”

They were all ready to go down with their ship because they were outnumbered by Hydra agents. Bobbi, especially, since she had a special mission from Fury to do just that. (I like that Fury always gives the super secret missions to his fav ladies Natasha, Maria, and Bobbi~) But they all banded together and clearly took their ship back.

In the present day, Bobbi and Mack are terrible liars and trying to integrate themselves back into the SHIELD gang. But, come on, you’re trying to outsmart both Coulson and May? Pssh. May and Bobbi have a hardcore throwdown, but Jemma is the one to take Bobbi out. Yes, Jemma Simmons, scaredy cat terrible liar scientist, took out an expert assassin. You go girl.

And Mack proves he still cares about his buddy Fitz, shielding him from the explosion and taking the brunt of it himself as Adama and his gang come to take over Coulson’s base. And then Fitz and Simmons hold hands!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.20.20 PM

Coulson is super offended that he tried to contact all of these people in order to rebuild SHIELD, but thought all of them to be dead. It’s all very complicated because both sides are too proud to step down and work together. But the Adama side has a very clear bias against aliens and anything having to do with them, so their true mission to find (and take out) Skye, and maybe even Coulson, becomes clear. May, after a very good entrance, pushes Coulson into a secret chamber and gets him out of the base before surrendering to Adama’s team.

Meanwhile, Skye is feeling lonely in her cabin, even cursing Fitz for making her watch Paranormal Activity. (And then I can’t help imagining FitzSimmons and Skye curled up on a couch, sharing popcorn, and watching that movie in the dark and then Coulson sneaks in and lights his face up with a flashlight to scare them…) But soon good ol’ No-Eyes (or Gordon) shows up to tell her the opposite of what everyone else has been telling her (except Fitz). That she’s special, that her powers are a gift, that she shouldn’t be afraid to use them. He tells her there are so many more like her that she could learn from and learn to control and develop her gifts.

Skye starts experimenting a little on her own and finds that she can control the vibrations of the water. But just as she starts to smile and let herself feel good about this power for one moment, May calls to warn her that she has to get out because people are coming for her.

Bobbi has come to collect her, but I don’t think she meant her any harm. She tells her team to only use Icers, which none of them clearly intended to do. The first thing we hear is a gunshot going off when one of them finds Skye. So, despite her betrayal, she still cares about the well being of the others. She even calls out to warn her of the other SHIELD dude who’s about to shoot her.

Skye’s powers are still very emotionally driven, so despite her best efforts to control it, along with the fear of running from unknown adversaries that are trying to kill her, she fires back with a vengeance. The vibrations takes out the trees around her, knocking back both Bobbi and the other SHIELD guy, who gets stabbed by a piece of shattered tree. We see real fear in both Bobbi’s and Skye’s eyes as they both realize what she is capable of. Skye calls out Gordon and he takes her away.


Now that Skye has fought back, I don’t know how Bobbi will be able to defend her to her people, or if she’ll even want to.

I’m curious to see how May and FitzSimmons will deal with the other SHIELD people with Coulson gone. And what Coulson and Hunter will do together. Will they try to find Skye first? Who knows. And I’m sure Ward will play in to this somehow.

Other things:

  • “That’s a really nice entrance.”
  • I love that Skye was staying in Bruce Banner’s cabin. Very cool tie-in.
  • “I got you some gluten-free biscuits!”
    “…I’ll look for those.”
  • Skye has bended earth, water, and air. I wonder if fire is next. OooOooO~
  • Hunter signing his contract on a napkin. You know Coulson is going to keep that forever and frame it like the good dad he is.
  • Jemma calling Fitz “Leo” was like a mom scolding her son and using his full name.

Stephanie Watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 2×14 “Love in the Time of Hydra”


Taco Tuesday!

That’s it. That’s my review for this week’s episode.

Okay, not really, but Talbot was definitely the bright patch in this otherwise dark, upsetting episode. Hopefully he and his wife can make up. Edible arrangements seems like a good way to go, dude.

Anyway, Ward is back! Yay! And he’s with Agent 33, who apparently nursed him back to health after Skye shot him. They wreak various havoc together throughout the episode. First, Pulp Fiction style in a diner to get a techy guy to fix her May face mask, then on the military base to retrieve Bakshi. Agent 33 has some….issues to work out with him.

Ward seemed rather gleeful to discuss the issues he worked out with the whole, you know, murdering his family and burning their house down. Eep! And he’s clearly not afraid to take people out who get in his way or who could compromise his mission. Dammit, Ward, I just want you to be redeemed already. Seems like he is slipping further and further from that path.

Skye’s issues took a bit of a backseat this week, but they’re still pretty prevelant for our science twinz. Fitz and Jemma can’t stop arguing about her. Jemma claims she wants to help by subduing her powers, but Fitz believes that changing her is exactly what she tried to do to him. Fitz thinks Jemma just can’t accept these changes in people. It’s really painful and I fear that this ship has sailed for them.

You’re scared. That Skye and I changed. But you know what the scariest change is Jemma? It’s you.”

Ouch. But true. Jemma, get your shit together. But at least she developed Quake’s gauntlets and that’s pretty awesome. So, in a way, she is also trying to help Skye learn to control her powers. Hopefully both Skye and Fitz can recognize this and they can all go back to being friends? Please?

In order to help her do this, Coulson took Skye to one of Fury’s safehouses: a cabin in the woods. We’ve all seen the movie, we know how this ends, ha. He mentioned that Steve Rogers spent some time there, which is a cool sidenote. But my poor homegirl is gonna be lonely.

The biggest story this episode was this other SHIELD, run by Admiral Adama. Apparently a lot of people are prejudiced against Coulson because he has alien DNA. (Seems to be a theme the past couple weeks! Civil War, man.) Sure, he made some questionable choices because of it, but the theme of fate played a huge part in this, tying Skye and Coulson together from the beginning. That none of this was an accident. That doesn’t matter to these folks though since it seems like Bobbi, Mack, and the other “SHIELD” are planning a great big coup d’é tat. NOT COOL, GUYS.


Hunter is not about this and fights off a bunch of “SHIELD” dudes and steals one of their jets to escape. I think it’s hilarious that he managed to escape a submarine. Good on you, mate.

Hopefully he gets to them in time….but eep! Everything is scary!

Other things:

  • “Fitz really wants a dog.”
    “I thought he wanted a monkey.”
    “Guess he readjusted his expectations.”
  • Skye and Coulson sharing Twizzlers! (This is significant to my congoing friends, heehee.)
  • I lol’d when that one guy told Adama to throw Hunter “in the brig.” Heh.
  • May’s voice coming out of Skye’s face was a bit unsettling.
  • “If there is an Avenger equivalent [to Skye], I’m afraid it’s the Hulk.”
    “Well, Hulk saved the world last I checked.”